Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cornflakes and Coconut

Hey Hey! How are we all?
I A OK. Been a busy bee the past couple of days but whats new, right?
I can't believe its my last day at Fitness First tomorrow, I'm so excited but also pretty nervous about whats ahead. I know its the right decision to have made though : )

I have a few pics of deliciousness that has passed my lips, so shall we.............


I got up early to get to my 7am Bikram class

Torture chamber session done I went home to freshen up and eat breakfast, I was starving!
I had a big bowl of cornflakes topped with fresh berries and coconut, this hit the spot : )

I then packed up everything for my day in Hastings

Before leaving I had an iced coffee in the sun then hit the road...........

1 client trained I popped round to my dads to hang out with his lady for a good old gossip

For lunch I ate 2 perfectly boiled eggs (1 had a double yolk, score!) and steamed veggies in a curry sauce

I had 2 sets of clients to train later in the day, 1 of which I did the workout with also. We did a 50 minute TRX + Medicine ball workout followed by a 30 minute run in the park. I'm still aching from it now it was a blinder of a session!

I also gave a taster session to a couple that are interested in sessions. They signed up!!!!!! Yay!

I didn't get to leave Hastings till 9.30pm so was shattered when I got back to Brighton, I literally walked in the door and went to bed!


No photos! Sorry but I gave the camera a rest for the day. The days events went like this:

7.30am client - 9.30am start work at job no.2 - 6pm client - 8pm client - home bed!

Ooooooooo I also picked up the flyers and posters for mine and Tara's weight loss course!


Today my first client wasn't till 8am which gave me time to have breakfast at home

Hmmmmm I think I may have a cornflake and coconut addiction!
For breakfast I had cornflakes, an apple, raisins and coconut topped with rice milk

Breakfast eaten it was time to get to the gym. I trained my client then had some time to burn before yoga. I was gonna workout but my glutes were so sore still from Tuesday I decided to give it a miss and pop into town.......I bought a couple of tops in the sale then I had the urge for coffee!

Iced coffee yum! I really need to STOP buying coffee, my wallet says NO my taste buds say YES!

I popped back to gym to grab some bits from my box that will need to be emptied tomorrow! I had time to get back to my car to off load then to Bikram I went.

WOWZAS! My class today was steaming hot! But as always I loved it and made some little progressions my standing bow is coming on leaps and bounds!

I had the afternoon to myself which meant home for lunch yay! I made a mushroom and pepper scramble and put it on top of some steamed veggies

Simple and delicious

I also had a big bowl of fruit salad - mango (so perfectly ripe), berries, soy yogurt, seeds and coconut!

I spent the afternoon writing sessions for clients and also had a couple of rice cakes with chocolate spread but with no evidence of this nothing can be proven!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I have a client in the morning, then Bikram then me and Tara will be heading out in the afternoon to put up posters and post flyers fingers crossed we get some interest : )

Then its Saturday, and I get to see the boy wooooooohooooooooooo! Can't wait : )


What ya been up to, what ya looking forward to doing this weekend?

Monday, 27 June 2011

Early Night Early Start

And here we are another week has begun which will end July!
Yes we are nearly at the end of June, this month has flown by don't ya think?
I'm pretty sure that July will fly by too I have lots of fun and exciting things to do in July hopefully some blogger meet ups, I am going to Ireland to visit my mum and little sis which I can't WAIT for and my weight loss course starts all going well which is just some of what i have planned! But enough of the future lets get back to the present and see what I've been up to today........

It was the fluffy cat's turn for a cuddle first thing then I was ready for breakfast.......

There is a cornflake and gluten free muesli mix under the chopped apple and coconut somewhere! I topped this with vanilla rice milk which I picked up cheap in Asda at the weekend

Car problems kept me at home for the morning so I decided to catch some rays in the garden which was bliss. I didn't realize how hot it was which has lead to a slightly pink back!

I had an early lunch of steamed veggies topped with tuna and.......salad cream!
Just couldn't resist : )

After lunch I went to meet my friend Tara so we could look at the hall we plan to use for our weight loss course. Its perfect! We are very happy with the hall, the flyers and posters are being printed and hopefully we will be going out on Friday to get the posters up and flyer drop. Fingers crossed we will get some people interested!

After viewing the hall me and Tara went to town to grab an iced coffee before I went for my sports massage.

I chopped this tasty snack down before my massage, then got pummeled!
Back attacked I was off to Bikram to stretch out my sore muscles. I had a great class and it wasn't too busy which was fab

I got home and all I wanted was fruit! I made a giant fruit salad which included:

Mango, an apple, blueberries and strawberries topped with soy yogurt, almonds, seeds, coconut and cinnamon

My now enjoying some hot water with lemon. I'm planning an early night and an early start to get to my Bikram class for 7am. Then I will be heading to Hastings to train my regular clients plus I have some new ones I will be giving a taster session to. I will be getting back to Brighton way to late to post and Wednesday is not looking good for time so I guess I'll see ya Thursday! Have a fab few days x x x


Do you sun bath?

I don't usually get time so I took advantage today for a little while. I can't lay out for too long though as I get bored!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Tuna and Salad Cream

Hello from a hungover blogger!
I had a fabulous night out on the town with my housemate but feel a little worse for where now!
Before my night out I did indeed curl my hair which used to take about 2hrs to do but it seems that now my hair is that much longer it takes 3hrs! I never knew I had that much patience : )

Yes I curled my hair for 3hrs then wore it up! Crazy? Maybe but I like it up and curly especially when there is a small gold bird in it making my hair a real birds nest!

Hair curled we had a few drinks at home. Vodka slushes and toffee vodka shots...........then we were off to town : )

Me and Hannah went to a couple of bars, I also met up with my job no.2 work colleague and her boyf.

We ended up in an 80's club which was so much fun as I have said before I am an 80's music lover. Dancing all night, by 4am my feet where burning! I got in at 4.45am and collapsed into my bed!

I woke at 9.30 and couldn't go back to sleep so I just got up and had a hot water with lemon, a while later I ate some potato cakes with pure spread

For the rest of the morning I was on the sofa resting my sore head. Oh and eating my own body weight in ice lollies!

Lunch looks wrong but it tasted oh so right. Raw mushrooms, sweet potato chips and tuna mixed with salad cream! Oh jeez I haven't had tuna and salad cream in years and i am happy to have it back in my life this tasted SO GOOD!

More ice lollies have and will be eaten : )

That's all I can muster for today I need to lay some more, I know this weekend isn't over yet but I'm already looking forward to the next one as I get to see the boy! Yes I can actually say I miss the boy : )

Ok enough of that I'm off x x


Have you had a fun weekend, what ya been doin?

Tuna and Mayo or Tuna and Salad Cream?

I love tuna mayo but it can't beat salad cream no way!

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Curling Marathon Ahead

Good afternoon, I'm popping in to say hello now before I start my hair curling marathon!
I plan to curl my hair for my night out and it takes a good couple of hours which some may think is crazy but I actually like to do it and I haven't gone curly for so long its about time I did!

Unbelievably I slept in till 8am today!
Yes that's still early to some but for me that is lay in : )
As I have the weekend off I got up and enjoyed breakfast leisurely which was nice. I had a big bowl of cornflakes, chopped apple, raisins and coconut topped with rice milk. Delicious

The coconut really makes this breakfast

I also had a coffee then got comfy on the sofa, yep I decided to give yoga a miss and just chilled today. Maybe I'll go tomorrow but I very much doubt that if I'm hungover!

I put on the box and just hung out this morning with my housemate

and the cat!


For lunch I had tuna curry

Me and Hannah just got back from a quick Asda run, we needed some last minute things for tonight including a big bag of ice for the vodka slushes that are on the menu : )

Ok so I need to start this curling marathon, but before I go I wanted to share some very sad news I became aware of yesterday...........

Since starting my blog I have been a keen follower of Susan's blog
The Great Balancing Act
I learnt yesterday that Susan has been diagnosed with cancer. I read her post with tears in my eyes so if you have the time pop over and give the lady some love. My thoughts are with her and her family at this very sad time : (

Enjoy your weekend peeps


Whats your favorite way to eat coconut?

This is a really hard question for me to answer as I love coconut pretty much any which way but if I had to choose it would have to be straight up freshly cracked from the shell its just toooooooo good!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Best Breakfast In A Long Time

Wow where has this week gone!?
Hello by the way its been a while, I last dropped in on Tuesday and what a busy week I have had!
I have some random pictures from the past few days so lets get to it shall we............


My day started early with 2 clients at the gym before heading to job no.2.
I packed some breakfast to have after training my ladies. This by the way is the BEST breakfast I've had in a long time!

Best Breakfast In A Long Time: quinoa, soy yogurt, berries, seeds, dessicated coconut + cinnamon

I made the quinoa the night before then mixed it all together to create a mix of deliciousness

After job no.2 I was back at the gym to train another client then I went to Bikram


Thursday I had time to have breakfast before heading to the gym to train my first client. I had the same as Wednesday with the addition of a very ripe banana, perfection : )

Client trained I was off to job no.2

One of my favorite snacks: rice cakes + tahini + cinnamon = so good!

For lunch I had veggies and mackerel

After work I went to Bikram and ate this bar for some fuel : )

I got back to my car after yoga to find a flat tire! AA came to change my tire but the spare I had was no good at all and the guy said I shouldn't really be using it and wished me luck getting home on it......THANKS! I did make it home obviously but it was a scary ride!


Today I was up at 5.30am having a small bowl of cornflakes before getting ready to go to the gym for a workout before my client's session. I had a fab workout:

Chest Press 10kg 4x15 reps
Shoulder Press 5kg 4x15reps
Seated Row 17.5kg 4x15 reps
Up Right Row 5kg 4x15 reps
Pull Overs 8kg 4x15 reps

I followed this with some ab work and a 10 minute interval up hill run.

After training my client I went to Bikram which was session 4 of the week! Feel great for it : )

I then went into town to get a new outfit for my weekend in Bournemouth which has now been canceled! Not impressed, I was supposed to be going to Bournemouth for a reunion but it seems everyone has pulled out and now I'm not going plus i have to pay for my hotel so I'm a little annoyed!

Anyway I did get a new outfit which means I shall be going out in Brighton instead, as i have the weekend off i may as well enjoy it!

After town I went to get my tire changed so its all good now : )
Home I made a quick lunch of scrambled eggs, peppers, mushrooms and broccoli.

I followed this with a bowl of berries, chopped apple, soy yogurt, seeds and cinnamon

Fresh and tasty : )

My sister bought me this almond drink a while ago from a chinese supermarket, its been sitting in the fridge for ages so i decided to crack it open today. Wow sweet! Its like liquid marzipan! Tasty but once was enough

So I have a weekend off from any kind of work, I plan to go out on the town tomorrow with my housemate. I need a good night of dancing its been way to long plus I have Glastonbury envy!
I think I'll go to yoga again tomorrow but I'm not certain I'll see how I feel......Sunday I'm going to just chill hopefully in the sun without to bad a headache!

Bye for now I'm going to spend the evening watching Glasto and wishing I was there : )


What are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Tasty Btreakfast in a Box

Good evening guys, I'm here late so lets whip through this.......

Monday I started the day with a big bowl of gluten free muesli, banana and rice milk then made my way to the gym to train a couple of clients before heading to Hastings to train my clients there. I also met my papa for his lunch as I didn't get to see him Sunday.

After hanging with my papa I decided to have a quick 30 minute run round the park before heading to my sisters for lunch. I used to always run round the park when I lived in Hastings so it made a nice change : )

I had some tuna mayo and steamed veggies for lunch followed by an apple

Yes I've been at it again, kitty lovin!


I trained another couple of clients before heading back to Brighton, including my brother in law. I beasted him which was fun : )

Today my client canceled her session which gave me time to get a fab workout in at the gym:

15 min interval hill run + 45 min circuit = sweat fest!!!!!!

Freshened with time to spare before having to go to job no.2.....Time to dig into my tasty breakfast in a box! I mixed berries, banana and soy yogurt with.........

Gluten free muesli.......

Mix mix mix..........

To create a fab breakfast! Delicious : )

We were quite busy at work which was nice, thank god for sales!
I had lunch around 2ish, 2 boiled eggs + steamed veggies I also had a cherry-berry nakd bar

About an hour n half before leaving work I ate chopped apple, soy milk and a handful of nuts n raisins. This was yoga fuel! Yep I went to Bikram after work which I so needed!

I have a busy Wednesday coming up so no post tomorrow but I should have plenty of time on Thursday so we'll catch up then.........have a fab Wednesday peeps : )


Did you do anything nice with your papa?

I got a precious 30 minutes I need to sort out some time with my paps I miss him!!!!!