Friday, 29 April 2011

The Dress!

I'm gutted I missed the wedding!
I did see some of it online though and saw how beautiful the dress was! Wow she looked like the perfect princess, amazing : )

Hello by the way, did you have a nice day off, or were you one of the sorry workers like me?
I have a short post tonight as I have to straighten my hair and tidy my room, god I sound like a teenager! But alas it is true my room looks like a bomb hit it so a tidy is a must : )

I woke up really early today due to my lovely body clock, not! This gave me plenty of time to make breakfast before heading out to meet some clients by the pier for a training session. I made a giant smoothie which was delicious!

Its the first time I've trained clients outside in Brighton and it was great, the sun was shining and they were worked into a sweat, all good : )

Because I had to meet my clients early it meant I had ages before the shop opened so I treated myself to a costa coffee and a gossip mag, sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?

And that's all the pics I have for you today, can you believe it?!
Work was dead, and by the end of the day I was knackered and couldn't be bothered to wait and hour to go to yoga so I came home. Had a bit of a tummy ache too so thought rest would be better than a very hot Bikram class.

I will be saying farewell now for a couple of days because there will be no time to post here's whats on the agenda:
Saturday: Work at the shop in the day, out on the town with the girls in the evening
Sunday: get over my hangover in the morning, train a client and go on a date in the afternoon/evening all going well! (more on this another time!)
Monday: Work in the day but hopefully I'll be back in evening with a full run down of the weekends activities!

Have a fab weekend my lovelies x x x


Did you watch the wedding?

The dress, THE DRESS!!!!!!!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Smoothie x 2

Hey how's is everyone?
I'm good, been a long day and am pretty tired but good all the same : )

My day started early but I managed to make a delicious smoothie before leaving to get to the gym

After training my client I was off to job no.2
It was DEAD again today! God have you ever worked somewhere when all you have to do is wait for someone to come in so you sell something?! Don't get me wrong I love my work colleagues and when there is stuff to do I love my job but the waiting is a killer! Especially when the music we have to listen to drives you insane!!!!!

I had some oat cakes and peanut butter around 11am then lunch was 2 boiled eggs, hummus and raw veggies, delish : )

This is my yoga hair! The only style I can wear without it turning into a crazy mop of hell!

Around 4pm I had an apple and some peanuts, yoga at 6 so needed some fuel : )

Yoga was great, very hot and busy but I always feel so good after sweating like a beast!

I got home late and hot, all I wanted was another smoothie so I went with it, quick and easy : )

Wow I gotta dry my hair before bed so time to snooze, night all : )

Have a fab Friday if you have it off or even if you have to work like me : (


What are you bank holiday plans?

Work, work, date, work, work!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Cats and Kernels

Hey hey........where did the heat go!?
I guess it couldn't last forever but I was kind of wishing......

As usual I have some catching up to do, I have some photos for ya from the past couple of days so enjoy.............

Yesterdays breakfast was chia seeds overnight oats with soy yogurt and an apple

I went to Hastings to train my ladies and also go hang out with my sister : )

I picked up some organic veggies, hummus and an onion and spinach baji for lunch.
This was so yummy!

Oh my god I couldn't resist taking more photos of my sisters little ladies!

I love her markings!



I was up early but made time to have breakfast before leaving to get to the gym.
Smoothie topped with coconut and apricot kernels : )

Thr apricot kernels were delicious!

I went to yoga after training my clients and thankfully it seems to have eased my painful glutes!

I keep seeing these blossom leaves dried by the sun, they look like fish scales or sequins, so pretty!

I was real hungry when I got home tonight so decided a big old dinner was in order........

New pots, 2 boiled eggs, hummus and raw veggies, yum!

I also had some chopped apple with soy yogurt, cinnamon and sunflower seeds

This day has been long and I'm super tired, I'm in the shop for next 3 days, few clients dotted about then Sunday off! Well hopefully!

Ok best sort my bag for tomorrow.........night x


Have you ever tried apricot kernels?

So yummy!

Monday, 25 April 2011


Wow its been another amazing day of sunshine, I got to sit in it for a good 20 minutes!
Yes its been another day of mostly work and no play, all clients turned up though so all good.

The gym didn't open till 9am today so I had time to make breakfast at home today : )
Green monster topped with peanuts and linwoods flaxseed/cocoa and berries ground superfood mix

I had a morning of clients back to back which was good then a 3hr break which meant I had time to come home and chill in the garden for a bit

Lunch: oatcakes with tahini and 2 apples

I also had the last 2 of these weird but wonderful delights!

They are from Malaysia brought back by my work colleague, glutenous rice filled with bean jam?

They are kind of sweet and chewy, I liked them : )

After a refreshing iced coffee I made my way back to the gym to train my last client.
I also had a workout, 20 minutes circuit followed by 10 minutes on the stair mill and 20 minutes spin.

Wow my glutes are on fire! They were sore after yesterdays workout so I thought I better get the lactic acid moving but jeez they are still stinging! I should have gone to yoga but was too knackered, roll on tomorrows 7am class I need the heat in those bad boys!

Dinner was the same as yesterday, I got a big bag of pots and need to get through them! Only difference was an orange pepper instead of red and some spinach. I'm loving my potato urge so good!

I've been tucking into some chocolate for pud : )

I'm up early for yoga tomorrow then off to Hastings to train clients (hopefully!) and see my sister.

Have a nice Tuesday people : )


Do you eat potatoes?

I never usually eat them other than sweet pots that is but I had the urge and man do they taste good!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Good Bad Good

Happy Easter Sunday!!!!!
Have you all been enjoying your eggs and the sun?!
I'll be honest my day started good went bad but turned good again! Did ya get that?
Don't worry I'll explain.........

I was up early to get on the road to Hastings. I wanted to miss the traffic and my dad was dying my hair before my first client. I took my breakfast with me to have there.

Overnight oats with chia seeds, soy yogurt and an apple : )

Hair dyed my fist client called to cancel, grrrrrrrrr.........
Ready to go to my second client I called to confirm, no answer.............guess what she canceled too, grrrrrrrr!

One wasted journey later I was back on the road to Brighton

Popped home and had some oatcakes and an apple

Sat in the garden and ate my lunch, I also enjoyed an ice coffee made with Rice Dream.

Before leaving to go to the gym I text my next client to confirm, you guessed it CANCELED!
I think its the sunshine!

I was not happy! But I had a client later that was already confirmed so I went to the gym early and did a 40min circuit before she arrived. She DID arrive : )
I then gave her a one on one spin session which was great, extra workout for me!

Home and hungry, I had an urge for new potatoes so that's what I had......

Raw veggies, tuna, hummus and new pots. This was really yummy : )

I also had a chocolate and banana iced protein mouse

So my day start GOOD with a visit to my dads for hair dying
Went BAD with 3 clients canceling
Then ended GOOD with a fab workout and great dinner!

I have a client packed day tomorrow (all going well!) so time to chillax : )


What was Good/Bad about your day?

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Dancing till 3am.........

Yay to the sunshine!
I am still amazed by all this lovely weather, can you believe it? I love it when the sun shines everyone is much happier while they soak up some vitamin D : )

I have a couple of days catch up, a review and some pressies to show ya so get comfy............

I was recently contacted by the nice people over at Rice Dream to review some of their
Original Rice Dream + Calcium

I really love the taste of this milk, its sweet and creamy and for me a great alternative to dairy milk. I made a coffee and used some of my rice milk. YUM! This goes great in coffee and it makes the coffee sweet so no need to add any sugar : )

Rice Dream make lots of different products, there website is really cool too with lots of useful info and some fab recipes. I think there is something for everyone here and really recommend you give this alternative to milk a go if you haven't already!

Jill my work colleague at job no.2 has been away on holiday and look what she bought back for me! Some aduki bean rice bean Mochi, little socks..........

Hello Kitty soap flakes! SO CUTE!

and a good luck charm : )

This apparently brings luck for receiving money......bring it on!


Smoothie breakfast

I then made my way to job no.2, as it was Good Friday the shop dead!
I spent most of day wishing I was in the sunshine...........

Lunch was tuna with vegan pesto, steamed veggies and hummus

I was going to go to yoga after work but felt tired and crappy so I gave it a miss and opted to get a bottle of wine on my way home instead!

Dinner was delicious, I made a quinoa and egg mess!


After dinner me and Hannah my housemate sat out in the garden chatting while the chickens wondered and.......

We drank wine. I bought a crisp white and mixed it with some sparkling elderflower drink which tasted fab! Then we.............

Went out dancing! I had a great night with Hannah : )

I arrived home at 4.30am after a crazy cocktail of different booze!
Yes not exactly healthy but lots of fun!!!!!!


Wow dancing till 3am, 3hrs sleep then working 9 till 6 is tough!
I'm too old for this! ha ha ha ha

On my way to work I had one thing on my mind, an iced lemon costa drink!
I had a smoothie for breakfast : )

Easter is coming...........

And so is the chocolate!

I ate the same lunch as yesterday with some salted hula hoops thrown in for good measure!

Gifts from work colleagues!

Dinner today was quick and easy, eggs and spinach plus veggies

Drizzled with udos oil : )

I have been hungry for a hot cross bun for ages so at lunch took a trip to Infinity Foods and picked one up

Toasted and spread with pure soy marg = delicious!

Hangovers are so not cool but the chocolate I'm eating is easing the pain!

Have a lovely Easter my lovely readers, I hope to pop in tomorrow but if I don't, enjoy your eggs!


Have you tried Rice Dream, whats ya favorite flavor?