Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Vitality Show Goodies 2011

I made it! I am here and its Wednesday, only by sickness though!
Yes dear readers I have been pretty ill over the past couple of days but am feeling fighting fit again. I've had some kind of tummy bug which i wont go into details about but believe me it wasn't fun. I missed my training day yesterday as I was in and out of sleep (and the loo!) all day, I was going to blog but just didn't have the energy : (

I have been at home again today, I didn't feel fab last night so rearranged all appointments for today so I could get my energy back to normal, I also had a chance to get a load of gym work done as well. I had lots of fat burning circuits to create and can't wait to do them with my clients! Hope they're ready to feel the burn, ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!

Anyways lets get on, I looked over my photos and had so many I didn't know where to start so I'm scrapping the lot other than my Vitality Show goodies and today's breakfast cause it was MIGHTY FINE!

Giant purple/green monster topped with bear cocoa cherry granola!

In the mix:
1 c water, 1 c frozen berries, 1 scoop choc soy protein, 1 tsp maca, 1tsp chococru, 2 giant handfuls spinach, gums, stevia, 2 c ice
Topped with dessicated coconut and bear granola SO GOOD!

Vitality Show Goodies!

I got lots of freebies but also lots of bargain loveliness!

Bear granola, pineapple fruit pieces and cherry raisins

Apricot kernels, munchy seeds - vanilla, savory + chocolate, sweet freedom

1 box of nakd goodness, only £9!!!!!
1 box 9 bars, only £7!!!!!!

Lots of goodie bag stuff!

I'm loving all the body lotion and shower gel samples, they are great to take to work or on holidays : )

Coffee and tea samples : )

As you can see I had a good day! I definitely agree with Flo that next year we should have a bloggie meet up there that would be so much fun, right?! Especially if it was well organised in good time : )

Time to get my bag ready for tomorrow and watch Masterchef so I will bid you farewell my friends, I wont be here tomorrow but hopefully I shall be dropping in on Friday. I can't wait to get some exercise in tomorrow, I know I've been sick but I feel hideous not having done any exercise!


Whats the best food bargain you've ever got?

Mine are definitely when I have been at these kind of events they give great show prices : )

Monday, 28 March 2011

Sorry To Say.......

Sorry to say but I have no time to blog over the next couple of days. I hate not having time but needs must and all that. I'm hoping to be back on Wednesday but it may be Friday dear readers not sure yet. I hope your weeks have started well?

I thought I'd just leave you with this shot of my delicious pudding : )
Berrie protein iced mouse + 1/2 pack tropical bear granola

Oh and I have a this bag is a little something for one lucky person all will be revealed later this week : )

Goodbye for now, have a fab week and hopefully I can check in sooner than later.


Any plans for your week?

I have job no.2 training tomorrow and lots of work in the shop as well as the gym. No days off for the next 3 weeks its gonna be harsh!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend Fun

I have had such a good weekend! Those of you that guessed I was going to the Vitality show were right, I did indeed. I have to apologise to all you bloggers that may have also gone as this could have been a perfect time to meet up but I just wanted to go with the flow and have no plans other than spending my time with my friend Wayne. As you know if you read my blog I barely ever get time off so this weekend was mine and I didn't want to feel I had to dare I say it make an effort! I hope you that did go had a fabulous time, I know I did! Ok I gotta get through this pretty sharpish I need to get to bed after having a very late night and not getting much sleep.........


The day started with a big bowl of banana and peanut butter porridge

I then walked to work and trained some clients, before heading to Bikram and walking back home.

Scrambled sea cake with steamed veggies for lunch

Packed for the weekend and drove to Hastings to train a client and stay at my papas

He made a fabulous dinner, boiled new pots, salad and tuna/pepper/chilli mix.
So good!


Giant bowl of muesli and kiwi's to fuel me, I also had a coffee before walking to town to meet Wayne to get our train.

Vitality Show was great and I got to have a photo taken with my Nutrition God!
Patrick Holford!!!!!!!!
I have all his book and love listening to him, after hearing him talk I am going to try and get back onto his way of eating it just makes sense so starting tomorrow I back on the GL diet!

The day was spent trying samples and stocking up on bargains, which I will post about this week, oh and keep up to date with my posts as there is something for you guys coming up..........

Me and Wayne took the river boat to our hotel : )

Dinner was light thank god as I must have eaten my weight in free goodies oops!

We spent the evening in the hotel bar as we were pretty far out of London. I still ended up how shall I put it........getting BLEEP!
(fill in with any word that describes a drunken beast!)
Yep you name it I drank it but 5 have to say it was a lot of fun!

Getting to sleep around 5am and waking at 9am means the breakfast buffet got hit up big time

I ate enough to keep me full till around 6ish!

I popped back to my dads to have a coffee before heading home to Brighton.

Made a giant tuna/sweetcorn salad. Fresh yummyness : )

And I'm home. Tired and needing to sleep. I had a great weekend but feel pretty done for.
Alcohol hits me like a ten tone weight so I shall pay for my fun thats for sure and so will my skin but it was worth it! ha ha ha

Time to snooze : )


What did you do this weekend, were you a Vitality lady too?

Sorry again for not letting anyone know I was there hope you get why x x

Thursday, 24 March 2011

P.S The Fish Thing

Hello! How's ya week going, can't believe its nearly the weekend?!
This year is flying by! For once I actually can't wait till the weekend, I'm off! Yep that's right I have a weekend to myself and I'm off which means dear readers this will be my last post until Sunday : ( I wont be taking my laptop as I'm away and don't wanna take it with me more about this Sunday but if ya miss me you can follow me on Twitter where I shall be filling you in on my my where abouts and all the fun I'm having! I have a recap of the past few days for ya so lets get to it shall we..........

Wednesday and today's breakfast has been exactly the same:
Muesli + coconut flour + chia seeds + a little soy milk + an apple
Both days this was delicious, new favorite me thinks : )

30 minutes walk to work, 30 minutes circuits, 10 minutes cross trainer, 15 minutes spin
1hr walk to and from work, 90 minutes Bikram class


My last Raw Health Intensely Italian cracker + tahini + apple

Dried fruit and nuts, I also believe there were some undocumented german biscuits.........


Mackerel + carrot and cranberry couscous salad from M+S

Mackerel + roasted veg and couscous salad from M+S

Pear + soy milk + trail mix


Giant green monster

Sea cakes and curried veggies

Pud today was a vanilla and nectarine protein mouse. SO GOOD!

So there we have it recapped! I have to pack my little case with workout gear/going out clothes and all number of other things so I must be going. I have been waiting for this weekend for AGES and am so glad it is here. I shall be heading back to Hastings tomorrow to spend the evening with my dad. He's cooking dinner.....YAY! Then Saturday and Sunday I will be off away with my bestie Wayne all to be revealed Sunday I promise!

Have a fabulous weekend my lovelies, because I'm gonna!


Do you have plans?

Tell me Tell me x x

P.S The fish thing.........I went veggie in on the 1st of January it seemed to work for me so I carried on. I have noticed my skin getting worse and feel I'm eating way to much soya and not getting enough protein. I decided to bring back fish, the healthy fats and easy protein source i have missed. I have to admit I'm glad about this I seem to be responding well and am enjoying eating it again. My tummy is crazy so finding thinks that work and don't is a constant learning process for me but for now this works : )

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Favorite American and Chocolate Ginger Brownies

Hey peeps I have a killer headache so this being a photo heavy post I'm keeping the words to a minimum so I can get my butt to bed hope you don't mind?! I haven't clocked in since Sunday where I had a fab guest post if you didn't catch it go see here now!

As I mentioned I met up with my favorite American on Sunday. Yep DEBS! We had a couple of hours to hang out and have a good old chin wag. It was great I love spending time with this lady she is totally on my wave length and a laugh a minute she brightened up my weekend : )

Monday I woke up to this!

Today it was like this! What a change.
Anyway Monday I was up early to train clients I ate 2 boiled eggs before walking to work.

After training my ladies I ate some berries and coconut flour/chia seed mix then went to Bikram before walking home.

lunch: sardine veggie curry (more on the fish thing soon!)

Before heading back to work I ate a some muesli and an apple.
I had a sports massage at work on my legs...........PAIN!

A gift from Debs!

Dinner: homemade soup + 2 Raw Health crackers (intensely Italian)
I'm loving these crackers, very tasty!

Raw chocolate protein ice cream : )

Today I had the day off! I woke at 6am but managed to go back to sleep till 8am, which is good for me!

I had a big bowl of power porridge, banana and peanut butter


I had to walk into Brighton so before I had an intensely italian cracker with peanut butter!
The weather today has been amazing! So sunny I smiled the whole walk to and from town : )

On the way back I got a juice, not like me but I fancied it : )

sardines, rice noodles and veggies

apple, coconut flour, cinnamon and seeds

I've been feeling a bit low and stressed so I baked

Dinner was going to be soup and Raw health crackers but the soup tasted weird so i dumped it!

Enter a giant green/purple monster topped with chia seeds and pollen : )

So I mentioned I baked and this is what I made!

Chocolate Ginger Brownies!

I will post the recipe but I need to go and lay in bed my head feels like its going to pop! I will say I wish I could tell you these were healthified but alas they are not, they taste amazing though!

Hope you have all had a good start to the week x x x


Have you ever had a sports massage on your legs?

My legs have been in a bad way and the massage was way over due but jeez the pain! Actual bruises people!