Sunday, 18 December 2011

Zalando, 7.03, Man Wrap

Why oh why do the weekends go so quickly!?
Yep I am definitely sad to say goodbye to this weekend but next weekend is Christmas so its not all bad!!!!! I have a couple of reviews to share with you today, sorry it must seem like I am bombarding you with reviews at the moment but having been away they have all got on top of me so I need to get them done! I am hoping you them all useful and interesting : )


A few weeks ago the kind peeps at Zalando offered me a £20 voucher to spend on their website so I could do a review on the website. I thought it would be a good idea to spend the voucher on something I would get lots of use out of, so loving my yoga I thought SHORTS! They have loads of sports clothes but the pink of these shorts won me over : )

I have to admit before the email contacting me to do a review I had never heard of this site, taking a look they have lots of great brands for beauty, accessories, shoes and clothes for men and women. After choosing my new shorts I went ahead with the order and looked forward to my new threads! The day after my return from Ireland there was a loud knock at the door and a man with a parcel for me stood on the doorstep. My shorts had arrived! They fit perfectly and are so so comfortable, I'm really happy with my choice and the service. The delivery was really quick which is always good, all in all I am very happy with my Zalando experience and would definitely recommend the site : )


I left you Saturday afternoon with a giveaway, you have time to enter this till Thursday!
Once lunch had settled me and Dale did a vipr workout which was pretty tough! It also got me thinking about dinner! I had a kabocha squash dying to be used so I decided on roasted kabocha and parsnip soup!

After I had roasted the squash I scrapped out the flesh and added it to my soup stock that was bubbling on the hob then put the skins back in oven after salting them a little. They came out crispy and delicious, perfect for a starter! Me and Dale shared these while waiting for the soup.

The soup turned out perfectly!
This was a taste sensation for my tongue, really really good!

After dinner we watched the Hangover 2, hilarious!


With a room this dark on a Sunday morning it should be against the law to get up and out of bed!!!!!! Unfortunately it isn't, I got up and ready to train my client........

By the time I got to my clients house the sun had appeared and made the frost look like glitter!

When I arrived back home I got the boy up before I had to go to work at the shop to help me with my second review I would like to share with you..........

Man Wrap!

Back in November I was asked to do a review for the Monster Factory website, trying out 2 of their products one was Man Wrap! Well as I now have a man in my life and as Christmas is all about wrapping I thought why not?

The man wrap turned up a couple of days ago so I asked Dale to bring a gift to mine he wanted wrapped so he could try it out.......

Man wrap at the ready!

Gift successfully wrapped!

Dales verdict......hmmm well to be honest he wasn't too impressed with the ease of use. He found it pretty tricky to use as it's basically pretty tin foil! I really like the design and idea so I plan to have a go too to see how hard/easy this is to use and will have to get back to you on my verdict. At £5.99 a roll it is quite an expensive wrap for your gifts but it is pretty cool!

They also sent me some Gnome Breadman cookie cutters but this means making cookies which I haven't had time to do so this will have to wait. The cutters are pretty cool though so I am looking forward to using them!

Ok reviews done for now, I hope your still with me!

Man wrap session done, I walked to the shop for my first day back after 2 weeks off. I'll be honest I could have quite happily had today off too but it wasn't bad going back I love my work colleagues so it was all good : )

The shop was quite so when lunch time came it was very welcomed! I had salad leaves and quinoa mixed with mushrooms and sesame oil scrummy!

I was going to go to Bikram after work but gave it a miss to come home, blog and eat more soup!
I'm all caught up now so I will say goodnight and leave you to enjoy your Sunday evening. Don't forget if you want to get your hands on some free supplements enter my Giveaway!!!

Till tomorrow x x


Have you ever ordered from Zalando?

Thumbs up from me!

Man Wrap, ever heard of it?

Or is your man good at the gift wrapping thang?!


  1. I was really quite surprised and impressed with Zalando, those shorts look fab I can see why they would be so good for your hot yoga! Shame the man wrap wasn't better, James could do with something to improve his skills!

  2. This doesn't answer either of the questions but those Kabocha skins? I died and went to heaven just looking at the photo - I would kill for some Kabocha squash, and such a healthy variation on gross and greasy potato skins. Yummy :)

    I don't have the legs for those shorts but if I did, I would love them.