Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Off To Ireland!!!!!

Oops here I am late again!
I hope we are all well and having a nice week? I certainly am especially as I am on holiday from the shop till the 18th and I will be flying to Ireland tomorrow with my sister Jes off to see my mama and little sister Leah!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to get away I am in need of just shutting down away from all the goings on with life in Brighton and Hastings, so I shall be back to posting next week with all the holiday gossip. But let me first show you some eats from the past couple of days...........


I started the day with a bowl of banana oats and once it had settled I made my way to Bikram to get my Monday sweat on!

I was at home for most of the afternoon. For lunch I made a mish mash of veggies and quorn before hitting the road to Hastings. I popped in to see my papa before an evening of training clients : )


I was up early to get to a client for 7am. We were watched the whole session by this fella! I went home and had the same breakfast as always at the mo, banana oats : )
Then to Bikram I went...........

Class was hot hot hot! But I had a fab session, after I felt the need for beet juice, so good!

For lunch I had another mish mash of veggies, egg and quinoa which was very tasty!

OOOOOOOOOOOO I am so excited to get to Ireland and see mama and sister!!!!!!!
We are having a mini Christmas because we wont be there for the real one again this year, so it will be an extra special trip : )

So dear readers have a fabulous week/weekend and I shall see ya next week!!!!!


Beet Juice, love it or hate it?

I love it, Dale thought it was rank! Ha ha ha ha


  1. Have a blast! Love your instagram photos here! Don't you just love instagram? Hope your birthday was great- I sent you an e-card but it wasn't picked up :-/

  2. LOVE it...have a fabulous time xxx

  3. Thank you!!!! I know I am addicted to that app ha ha x x

  4. Have a great time. I am so jealous. We went over in the summer - we don't get back nearly as often as we should. :) Safe journey x

  5. Hope you have a great time in Ireland! I did like that beet juice but thought it was a bit pricey, I like juicing my own though!

  6. Have a great time in Ireland!!!

    I've never tried beet juice but I do love beets!