Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend? I definitely did!
It was smiles all round, the best company and the best food. So get ready to sit back and enjoy this lengthy post if you have time that is : )

Christmas Eve

I drove to Hastings on the 23rd to train clients so stayed at my sisters that night. This meant I was in Hastings to get up bright and early and meet Dale for a gym session! We did a good hour sweat fest then I went home to eat breakfast......

Muesli, apple and rice milk

I got ready and had time before meeting Dale to love the kittys!

Dale picked me up and we went to walk his sisters dog, Blue.
Awwwwwww what a cutie he is and so lovely

We went to a place called the Fire Hills and walked for an hour and a half.
It was such a nice day for a walk : )

All the walking got us hungry so after dropping the dog home we went to a little cafe in Hastings Old Town. I had falafels and salad which was lovely.

In the evening I went to my friend Waynes for mulled wine and nibbles. Lots of friends I haven't seen for ages were there so it turned out to be a fabulous evening : )

Christmas Day

I woke up on Christmas day early!
I stayed at my sisters with Dale and she had made us both stockings! Literally made them too from one of my mums old jumpers! I think its one of the best things ever made for me : )

We watched Home Alone while the cats rested from wrapping paper overload and we waited for my dad and his girlfriend Pat to arrive.

Look at the beautiful gluten free truffles my sister made!

The rum packed a punch!

My sisters hubby Dean made lunch and boy did he do an amazing job! There was so many dishes and flavors on the table it was a joy! I only had veggies and pots but that was fine they were so good, we really were spoilt : )

Once lunch had settled my sister spoilt us again with a raw chocolate vegan cheese cake which was so rich and incredibility delicious. I will have to share the recipe with you because you will love it!

After pudding had also settled me and Dale made a move to visit my friend Jonathan.

He made me GF and DF biscuits!!!!!!

We stayed and chatted for a while then it was time to hit the road back to Brighton so we had time to enjoy the last of Christmas day.

We got back to mine and straight away put on our new Christmas trousers and socks!!!!

Then had an evening tipple!

I had an amazing day, best Christmas especially spending it with my papa. It was the first in 7 years to be spent with my papa because he has been helping the homeless at our local YMCA, but this year he handed over the reigns to somebody else.

Boxing Day

Grrrrrrr I had to work today : (

But at least breakfast made me smile because it was so colourful! I had natures path GF cereal topped with coconut flour sunflower seeds and an apple. It was just as god as it looks.

The shop was DEAD! I had a Nakd bar with a coffee to lift mu 11am spirits.

Boxing day working is poop! But at least this means New Years day is mine : )

I have been chilling since I got home with the boy, I had an omlette with salad for dinner and chunk of my sisters insanely good vegan cheese cake. I am also enjoying another tipple and The Borrowers and with tomorrow off its just gonna get better and better.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas lovely readers, I look forward to reading all your posts x


Whats the best thing you ate on Christmas Day?

I have to admit I can't choose just 1 because all the food was so so good but the vegan cheesecake may well be the winner if forced : )

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  1. Happy Christmas chick, sounds like you had a lovely day with lots of yummy food! I think the best things I ate on Christmas day was my salted caramel chocolate cake and my festive oats!