Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Lazy Days and a Winner!

Well the festive laziness carried over to today, its been a great day but super lazy!
As I had the day off I thought I would enjoy it and I did with the boy : )

Last night me and Dale watched my new DVD's Old School and Blades of Glory, so funny!

We also drank some cider!

Today I got up and made coffee, do you like the cup I bought for Dale?!

Then the True Blood marathon started!

We broke the viewing time for brunch

Frites, poached egg and salad

Dale enjoyed it and so did I : )

I ate a Hun Zinger which was found in my stocking! Just fruit in the shape of a stick, it was fruity! Ha ha and very tasty

We also ate some cinnamon popcorn later on, while we watched more vampires : )

I have just eaten dinner, salmon n veggies and will be retiring back to watch more True Blood after this post. I cannot wait to get to Bikram tomorrow morning I feel pretty obese after the past few days! I think I will be doing a double tomorrow in fact : )

I'm looking forward to telling you all my January Challenges and hope you may join me for one or two but for now goodnight x x x x


Have you been enjoying some lazy days?

I have!

P.S The winner of the seven seas giveaway is............Laura!
Please send me your address pretty lady x x
Sorry its belated totally forgot!


  1. <3 your fella's ropey neck tattoo x x x

  2. Yey! Chuffed to have won the giveaway, James has just finished his multivits so he will be happy :-) I'll email you now :-)