Friday, 2 December 2011

Kittens Food Kittens

I am back after a couple of very busy days. Its been all go since my birthday, so I have lots of photos for you to catch up on. It looks like the business is going to continue as well December is a chock a block month!


I left you Tuesday after getting back from town where me and my sis Jes went to meet our friend Roxanne.

We settled on a costa coffee, well I had a mint tea first then a black coffee, we spent a good couple of hours chatting together which was lovely : )

After coffee me and Jes came home to have lunch. We had salad leaves, red cabbage, tuna and olives. I also had a couple of rice cakes with tomato pate on the side. This was delish!

I spent my birthday evening with my sister her hubby Dean, Dale, my dad and his girlfriend. We watched one of my fav films, Grown Ups which is sooooooooo funny I love it and ate homemade popcorn and chips n dips. I had a really nice chilled evening : )


I started Wednesday with a savory breakfast for a change and I really enjoyed it!
3 rice cakes topped with tomato pate and 2 boiled eggs YUM

After breakfast I hit the road back to Brighton and went to Bikram. In the afternoon I trained a client and had a big veggie dish for lunch no picture sorry!

For dinner I made me and Dale a yummy dish. I roasted a pumpkin and topped with savory rice and we had a salmon steak on the side in a sweet red pepper sauce. I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.


I started the day with my 7am Bikram class then rushed straight home to fill my tum!

Festive banana oats was the order of the day which filled me up perfectly before jumping in the car and driving to Hastings. I trained my first client then went to meet my friend Wayne for a belated birthday lunch : )

A mint tea..........

And for lunch I had spicy chick pea fritters with salad and mango chutney, delish!

We went to Waterfalls one of my favorite places in Hastings the food is always delicious and its one of the only places you can get fresh vegan food in the town. I was totally spoilt by Wayne, lucky me : )

After lunch we went back to Waynes to hang out with the his kittys and have some cake! I had a slice of vegan lemon polenta cake, so good! Then it was time to paparazzi the kittens!

This one is so skinny and as light as a feather, so cute!

They have decided a small box is the place to chill at the moment........

These 2 are actually brothers! Its crazy they are so different, they definitely don't share the same ally cat father!!!!!!!


Ok that's you all caught up I hope you've been having a fab week x x x


Any weekend plans you would like to share?

I am working both days in the shop, there will be Bikram and Dale time thrown into the mix though : )


  1. If my hubbie wasn't allergic I'd have a cat tomorrow. Those kittens are adorable.

    Have a great weekend, looks like you've had a lovely birthday. :)

  2. Wow! that was a packed post....ha ha glad you had a good time xx