Thursday, 22 December 2011

Food Hangover!

Oooooooo its nearly the weekend! Are you all excited, have you finished work yet?!
I have finished in the shop now till Boxing day, yep unfortunately I am one of those poor souls that has to work on Boxing day......DAMN RETAIL!!! I have one more day of clients to get through tomorrow then I have Christmas eve and day off to enjoy some festivities. I also have today off which is pretty sweet : )


Yesterday as I said was our last day at the shop, we also went on our Christmas meal when we finished.......

My boss is so nice, he let me go to my Bikram class at 12.30pm and also was fine with me going home to get ready for our meal then go back to work in the afternoon! Lucky me!! I wore my new shirt, well its not really new just I haven't worn it yet!

Before dinner we went for a drink, I had a sailors and diet which was yum! I haven't had a drink for ages!

We had our meal in Bills

The decor is really cool!

My work colleagues! Michael, Paul and Jill

Me : )

We had wine and a delicious meal

I only took a picture of pud! I had a chocolate brownie minus the ice cream/cream

Jill had the panna cotta

I indulged way too much and got gut ache! Hmmmmm I went home after the meal and decided to forgo the after dinner drink for pyjamas and mint t!

Food hangover! Ha ha better than a booze one : )

I am now just at home chilling before heading into town. I am meeting my friend Tara, we are going to go to Bikram then coffee so looking forward to that.

Then I'll be counting the hours till Dale gets here! haven't seen the boy since Sunday and I can't wait!!!!!!

Have a fab Thursday, I'm pretty sure I will : )


Do you have a good break with time off are you in retail hell like me?!

I get the 24/25/27th and the 1st. I plan to enjoy them to the fullest!


  1. yum! xx see you soon pretty x

  2. When I was a student I worked in a shop (although we stayed shut on boxing day)- it seemed annoying but actually I quite liked working then because everyone was so cheerful- so hope it won't be too bad for you.

  3. Oh I feel your pain, James worked in retail for years, this is the first Christmas he's had off in the 7 years we've been together! I hope you at least get a quiet boxing day! Love your top, I love yellow!

  4. This is my first Christmas since I've been old enough to work that I'm not working the big Christmas days. On top of that this Christmas is the first one that I've not had to split my time up with University essays too so I'm really looking forward to it.

  5. I have to work tomorrow but I don't really mind as my boyfriend is working at the hospital too. But we do have the whole week together after Xmas so it should be great!