Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Feeling Grose!

Good Evening from a bloated blogger!
Gosh I am feeling pretty beastly after eating all these rich foods and snacks the past few days. With only few days left of 2011 I am looking forward to a refreshing January! I was back at Bikram today thankfully and it was a tough but very needed class. I ended up going to the evening class because the boy stayed during the day so I decided to hang out with him instead of doing the other class in the morning too.

I started the day with some festive quinoa porridge topped with sunflower seeds and a little coconut flour. The rest of morning was spent watching films with the boy : )

For lunch we had steamed veggies topped with quorn in a tom and sweet red pepper sauce.
We hung and watched more films then Dale got the train back to Hastings and I went to Bikram to sweat out some of this weight gain!

Dinner was a giant pile of red cabbage, tuna, broccoli and some olive pesto. This was sooooooo goodand uber filling. You know I don't get why its called red when quite clearly it is purple?!

Anyway I am going to carry on watching worlds strongest man and planning my Fridays post. I will be telling you all about my January health kick plans! I am so excited and am looking forward to telling you all : )


Are you feeling a little more weighty?

Jeez I feel so GROSE!


  1. I have felt horrendous the past few days - so today I am going back to eating less, and not going near dairy... all the cheese and cream has been so bloating. Glad it's not just me!

  2. I've started to feel sick of being sick today! I had chocolates in my porridge this morning and a smoothie with about half a jar of pb in after the gym and now I'm officially done, I can't eat any more! I'm definitely looking forward to giving my digestive system a break in jan!