Monday, 19 December 2011


Crappy Day?
Yep that's exactly what its been this side of the screen, but we all get them don't we?!
I feel the need to snuggle up, away from the rain and cold so that's what I'm doing.............

I started the day with a bowl of oat/quinoa festive porridge topped with seeds and almonds. Then I walked to the shop..........

Lunch was lots of veg.........

And mackerel : )
The shop was so quite and there may have been some biscuits eaten which I think has added to the crappy day!

The last of my delicious squash soup for dinner with rye toast.

I was supposed to go to yoga today but my dinner has still not settled so I think it would probably be a bad idea, plus its cold and wet outside and now I'm home I just wanna stay here..........

I'll be up for my 7am class though for sure!

Hibernation when I'm in this kind of mood is best, so I shall say farewell and see you tomorrow when I hope to be in a better mood...........

Sorry x x


Crappy days? What do you wanna do?

Hibernation is key for me!!


  1. Crappy Days..I read if I am not at work any escape is good ha ha ...hope your is gone by tommorow xx
    Lynn xx

  2. Sorry your having a crappy day, I think sometimes you just get them. Don't feel guilty for having a few treats, it is Christmas after all. Hope your yoga class this morning makes you feel better!