Sunday, 4 December 2011

6 Savory + 1 Breakfast

Hey readers hope all is well your side of the screen?
I'm pretty good, had a fab weekend even though I have had to work. There has been boy company, yoga, True Blood, friend meet up and Bikram all of which make me smile : )

I am dropping in late so I thought O would just go over my savory delights from the past few days, oh and one breakfast. I got lots of potatoes delivered this week in my veg box and as I don't really eat them I have been making potato meals for me and the boy as he loves them!

Savory dish 1: savory rice with steamed veggies in sweet pepper sauce

Savory dish 2: quorn with veggies and potato wedges on the side, with a little roasted onion

The boy loved this : )

Savory dish 3: sweet pot with pesto, mushrooms and salad

Savory dish 4: potato and egg omelet with veg

Ahhhhhh the one breakfast: banana and cinnamon oats topped with milk and seeds

Savory dish 5: quorn, pots, carrots with pesto

Savory dish 6: salad, tuna mayo and pots!!!!!!!

Jeez its been a crazy potato fest this weekend!

Ok so I must retire need to shower and hit the hay, I plan a gym session which is the first in a couple of weeks, Bikram and Hastings tomorrow so there maybe a missing post x x x


Favorite way to eat potatoes?

I love sweet but the pots have been tasty over the past few days : )


  1. oh my gosh ,those all look SO delicious. how i like to eat potatoes? that's tough, because potatoes are my all time greatest "fear food" (dunno why..) but I do love sweet potatoes and I have to say that I would eat any of the dishes that you made because they look so yummy!

  2. Your eats are super colourful. Love it. :D I love roasting potatoes with vinegar and black pepper in the oven! They taste heavenly.

  3. I only really like baked / jacket potatoes- all the other ways seems to give them a horrible texture. Chips are alright but after a couple I wish I had not chosen them! Love baked sweet potato the best with almond butter .mmmm

  4. I'm a bit funny with potatoes, I definitely prefer sweet potatoes more, I think I find regular potatoes a bit bland! If I had to choose a fave way to eat would be chunky chips with ketchup!

  5. You. make. me. HUNGRY!!!
    Gaaaah. I think I might eat my keyboard.

    Potatoes.. mmm! I definitely prefer them roasted - chunky wedges are the best!

  6. I don't eat them very often but much prefer sweet pots to the regular type.