Friday, 30 December 2011

30 Day Bikram Challenge!

Hello from a very late blogger!
Its been a crazy busy day but tomorrow will be even busier so I had to drop in and do this blog because as promised I need to tell you all my January challenges! More on that in a bit first up some food..............

I was up early to get ready for Hastings so after getting showered I made a bowl of colourful oats! I kept pretty plain today just made oats with water and milk then topped with a few sunflower seeds : )

I trained a couple of clients then went to my friend Jonathan's for lunch. He is here visiting from Berlin and it was a joy to spend some time with him. After lunch I went and picked up the boy then drove back to Brighton in time to get to my last Bikram class of the year. Wow it was a hottie today and very tough but as always I loved it!

Look at my clients cat!!!!!!
I am so in love with this cat she is too cute!

Ok no more food I'm afraid when I got back from yoga I ate my food so fast I forgot to picture it! So I shall get to the good stuff January challenges................

First up I am doing a 30 day yoga challenge!!!!

My Bikram school do a 30 day challenge that has been on mind for AGES so I thought there would be no better time than starting the new year doing it. Basically I will be doing Bikram for 30 days straight, I can't go the first 3 Saturdays of January which means I will be doing a double one day a week for the first 3 weeks. (This is allowed only once a week and within 7 days of the day you miss)

Its gonna be tough but I am so ready for this I can't wait!

January Challenges:

1. 30 Day Yoga Challenge
2. No Coffee During January
3. Eat Clean!!!! (No Processed Foods)

So those are my 3 I shall be starting these from the 2nd of January, I'm not stupid! I would like to invite you all to do the yoga challenge with me obviously not Bikram but I know many of you practice yoga so how about trying to do a 30 day challenge of practicing your yoga? If there are any of you interested I would be happy to do a round up of blog post links at the end of each week to see how we are all doing? Spread the word and let me know by the 2nd : )


What do you think of my challenges? Do you have any planned?

Tell Tell!

Have a fab New Year lovely readers see you in 2012!!!!!!!!!


  1. My main challenge is to get my running back on track! As i can't afford my gym membership anymore runnings all I've got so I will be signing up for Hastings half marathon to keep me motivated. Also I need to get back into the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day again, bad habits have slipped back very easily and I've got the dreaded post Christmas weigh in this morning, fingers crossed its not too bad. Good luck with your yoga, Bekee x

  2. I'm well up for the challenge, I'll probably just be setting myself the challenge of doing some form of yoga or meditation every day even if that's just 5 minutes! Hope your challenge goes well! Happy New Year!

  3. I really want to give yoga a go, I figure it would be a great way of stretching out my muscles on days in-between other exercises! Can you recommend a DVD?