Friday, 18 November 2011

Who Wants Some Almond Butter!?

Well shall we get straight to the good stuff I bet your all waiting to see who the winner of my
Blog Birthday Giveaway is.....

The lucky winner will be getting this yummy lot!

So without further a do the winner..........Amy over at Contented Corner!!!!!!!

Yay to you! Please send me your address details to: and I shall get your goodies in the post : )


Now the exciting stuff is out of the way lets get to some goodies that passed my lips yesterday..........

After breakfast I hit the road to Hastings in my car!!!!!! Oh I am so glad to have my little go kart back : )

I met Dale for lunch. We just grabbed some M&S salads then went and sat in his car by the sea, which was really nice, the sun was shining but the chill in the air meant we were nice and warm in the car : )

I love this roasted veg cous cous salad tis very yummy!

Yay fruit leather!

I shared this pack with Dale : )


I was up at 6am today, I had 2 clients first thing before yoga so a bowl of festive oats was needed to keep my tum full!

Festive oats: 1/2 c oats, 1Tbsp of sweet mince (this is made only from fruit no added sugar!), 1 apple, topped with soy yogurt and grounded super foods

As Brighton slept my client felt the burn! I trained my second client then went to Bikram and had a fab class : )

I had time to pop home have a quick snack of rice cakes and a few carrots before training another client.

Back home again my tum was HUNGRY so I made a lentil mash of onion, celery, spinach, garlic and red lentils. This was so good, I also had an apple with a little coconut flour before going to my Osteopath appointment.

My back has been so stiff but after a good 1/2 hour sports massage and crack it feels a lot better!

I came home and have been chillaxing since which has been lovely. I'm at the shop tomorrow for the first day of our winter sale, hopefully a busy day : )

I then plan to pop round to my old housemates to catch up and have a good old girlie gossip.


What are your weekend plans?

Sunday I plan to go to Bikram then after training a couple of clients I have the day to chill yay!


  1. Congrats to Amy!

    Enjoy your bikram and general weekend :) I should be seeing a friend one day this weekend and relaxing for the rest! x

  2. oooh lucky Amy xxx
    like the snow xxx

  3. Have a lovely weekend :) I am going to be relaxing as soon as I have been on my run!

  4. Hope your having a nice weekend, I am chilling the heck out this weekend as much as possible!