Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Weekend Of Great Food

Good evening readers, have we had a good weekend?
I most definitely have, yes I worked but there has been lots of laughter and fun too : )
Thank you again for all your sweet comments I'm feeling much better now, my shoulder, back and right side are still pretty sore but another night of good sleep should help. I haven't exercised since Thursday and feel pretty YUK but my osteopath ordered me to rest so that's what I have done. So I can't wait to get in the gym tomorrow and yoga! Ok shall I tell you about my weekend.........


Before work at the shop on Saturday I enjoyed a giant bowl of cornflakes topped with coconut, apple and soy milk.

For lunch I had wild rice, olive tofu, mushrooms and salad leaves, filing and so tasty!

I had a cherry yogurt topped with seeds too : )

After work my friend came to meet me and before we went to mine for dinner we stopped for a fruity cider..............

I made the best dinner and look how cool it looks!? I made cauliflower korma (vegan) topped with these little vegan star bites. They were made from pumpkin, tofu, rice and other yummy stuff and tasted delicious! I will definitely be getting these again even my meat eating guest enjoyed them which means they must be good!!!

After dinner it was X Factor time and to accompany our viewing some vegan cinder toffee got broken out!

Oooooooooooo TOO GOOD!


Today I had a client first thing before work at the shop
The sun came out to play whilst we did her session which was nice. I had time before work to go home for breakfast.........
Jeez breakfast was just amazing! I made GF coconut oats with blueberries and topped with more dessicated coconut. Creamy creamy creamy and just so damn good!

After my amazing oats I made my way to the shop for another quite day in retail!

For lunch I had quinoa mixed with tomato and olive pesto, mushrooms and salad leaves.

I was going to go to yoga after work but with an hour to hang about and wait I thought I'd do as the osteopath had requested and came home to rest up ready for my exercise week to begin tomorrow : )

For dinner I made some roasted beet chips

And a giant tofu veggie mess! This included steamed cauliflower and spring greens, tom sauce and hazelnut tofu. Twas fab : )

And some dark chocolate for afters yep its been a pretty calorific weekend but after my week of hell I kinda felt the need!

I have a busy week ahead as always and with the weekend off other than a couple of hours with clients I shall be wishing the days away till then!

I have noticed my intake of coffee has gone up way too much of late so this week I am going to try and stick to no more than 2 a day I am also going to be going for a really clean week of food as after this past week I'm feeling pretty overloaded!


Whats the best thing you did and ate this weekend?

The best was my friend that came to stay, laugh a minute and very good company, the best thing I ate was......well there were 2 things my coconut oats and the vegan stars rocked!

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  1. Those vegan stars look great! Best thing I ate this weekend was probably my Banana Coconut Chocolate Chip bread!