Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Uneventful Day

Good evening bloggers!!!!!
Have you all had a good Tuesday? Mine has been pretty uneventful to be honest but there has been some good food so without further a do............

I got back late from Hastings last night due to train disruptions so I decided to give the gym a miss and have a nice leisurely start to the day before work at the shop. I had a favorite for breakfast, quinoa and carob porridge. Tummy filler!

I had a little retail therapy yesterday and one thing I picked up was some new flowers for my hair, the red flower is new and I love it : )

For lunch I had wild rice, tofu and grated carrot mixed with celery salt and udo's oil with a bunch of organic salad leaves.

My yoga fuel was chopped apple, cherry soy yogurt, seeds and flaked almonds, perfect!

My 6pm Bikram class was packed which made it rather more steamy! I had a good class, my back this morning was so tight and sore but after my 90 minutes of heat I'm feeling pretty damn good : )

Diner was a mish mash of bits which actually tasted really good! I steamed some fennel and cauliflower, cooked some red lentils and fried an onion in coconut oil. To the onion I added the lentils once cooked a good squeeze of tomato puree and a sprinkle of bouillon. I then added the cauli and fennel and at the end some peas. Mixed it all up and enjoyed my veggie mess : )

Fingers crossed I should be getting my car fixed in the next couple of weeks, I am in desperate need of it, not so much in Brighton but Hastings is another story I definitely can't go without it for much longer!

Oooooooooo one other thing I got added to the
The Most Wanted 100 Essential Blogs: Christmas Edition!
Its always nice to get a mention and to be reminded that people do like to read my little piece of cyber space : )


Do you have any exciting plans for the week?

I'm work work work but I do have a Thursday evening to be spent with good company as well as more of this good company at the weekend : )


  1. I love your meals. Kind of like mine, just a mish mash or whatever veggies all thrown in together. Thats the best!

  2. That flower looks lovely and I love your glasses!