Thursday, 24 November 2011

Tummy Warming Breakfasts

Well its been a couple of days, I feel a little better about the whole skin thing but its not getting better quick enough! My homeopathic medicine turned up yesterday so I have started on that I am also giving up soy products to see if that helps, I already thought I ate way to much and after talking to my yoga teacher I think its a good idea so fingers crossed! Right enough of my misery lets look back over the past couple of days...............


My day started with a 7am Bikram class

For breakfast I had banana, cinnamon and walnut oats which was delish, warm and perfect for the on set of colder months : )

I was in Hastings to train clients so after getting ready and putting my favorite hat on I was on my way

For lunch I had a mix of quinoa, roasted pumpkin, vegan pesto and salad leaves.

The day was good, all clients were pouring with sweat which is always satisfying!


I had a client first thing and the as it was pretty cold I decided to wear another of my favorite ear warmers! This is so simple but so warm I love it!

I got home and was in need of another tummy warmer. Festive oats topped with rice milk and seeds

Wednesday day I was at the shop, I have already nearly done my weekly target and I haven't even been there so its all good : )

For lunch I had sardines mixed with quinoa and pesto as well as the last of my salad leaves. God the salad leaves I get in my veg box are soooooooooooo good! The flavor is just amazing : )

Snacks in the day were rice cakes and tahini, apples with seeds.

For dinner I had steamed veg with some sesame oils and 2 boiled eggs.

After dinner had settled I went to the evening Bikram class, it was really good and I went a lot further into the postures which was fab!


Today started with a 7am Bikram class, I'm loving the Christmas lights in Brighton.
The difference in my morning class to the evening is crazy. Having the day to get your body moving and warmed, I can really go a lot deeper into the poses but this morning one word: STIFF!

Bargain of the day: 500g sunflower seeds 99p!!!!!!

Today's breakfast was banana festive oats topped with cinnamon, seeds and rice milk.

I am in Hastings again today, looking forward to seeing my sister and her kitty's!

Have a fab Thursday and I shall be popping in tomorrow x x


Have you had a recent bargain you would like to share?

My 99p sunflower seeds were from the 99p shop I also got some pumpkin seeds : )


  1. Mm your eats all look amazing! Unfortunately, no bargains recently. :(

  2. Love that photo of the North Laines, god I wish I was in Brighton right now!

  3. I'm all for warming breakfasts as well these days. Yay for porridge!! xx

  4. Sorry to hear about skin problems. Drinking Juices can help because of vitamin C. Honey and milk have healing qualities too.