Tuesday, 15 November 2011

So Tired

Good evening!
Ooooooo its late and I am so tired which means this is gonna be short and sweet............


Up early to get my sweat on at the gym:

15 minutes cross trainer, 20 minute run intervals, 20 minute spin

Home and hungry = easy quick breakfast:

Cornflakes topped with apple and coconut

I got ready then hopped onto the train to Hastings

Went to see my papa and ate lunch before my first client:

steamed veggies, tofu + sesame oil

After lunch I trained clients

I also trained my sister and then her hubby, got to see the kitty's too : )


I started the day with a 7am Bikram class then went to the shop to eat breakfast before starting work

Apples topped with seeds and soy milk + rice cake and tahini

Lunch: quinoa, mushrooms, cucumber, vegan pesto and salad leaves

Afternoon snack attack!

Jill made vegan peanut butter cookies so good!

After work I went to pick up my car!!!!!!!!!

Dinner: veggies and chickpeas in a sundried tomato sauce

I'm so tired and can't wait to sleep, I hope you've had a good start to the week : )


Tell me an exercise your loving at the moment?

I am still hooked on Bikram but I need to get on with using my Vipr so I shall be posting a workout soon : )


  1. Is it me or is your blog snowing?!?!

    I am loving Zumba. Just the shaking and letting loose. I love getting a groove on :)

    Sleep well, sounds like you need some serious zzzzz's

  2. Everything looks delicious as always! I'm really loving my little strength training workouts right now, I think I need to see how I can make them more effect though as I'm not gaining a lot of muscle!

  3. How do you fit it all in ?
    i like pilates and running, then I love running, and if I am down I go running...so maybe its .......running xxx

  4. Yoga over here as well. I need to run a bit more though I hate running in the dark..
    Will go to Bikram Yoga as well after work :).

    And btw: Yay to the boy! Does he happen to have a smart/handsome/nice mate who lives in London? haha.