Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New Header!

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!!!

Look at the new header my sister made for me, I love it especially with the season change its very fitting I feel for the Autumn/Winter months : )

I have had a good day all in all, the shop has been busy, now the sale is coming which makes the day go so much quicker. I had the day off exercise today but I think I needed it, I've been so tired and it leaves me with more energy for tomorrows 7am Bikram class : )

I started the day with a coffee before leaving to train a client when I got home it was festive quinoa porridge time! Yep I had some sweet mincemeat quinoa oats topped with soy yogurt and coconut. SO SO GOOD!

Breakfast eaten I made lunch then walked to the shop........

We had a busy morning in the shop so I was glad when 1pm came round and I went for lunch. I had a mix of wild rice, celery, peas and coriander with a little vegan pesto. I also had an apple with a couple of those peanut cookies : )

Dinner was tasty tasty! I made a lentil chilli/curry mash which included onion, yellow pepper, chilli, red lentils, spinach and curry powder topped with mini vegan veggie burgers. These were new to me and I loved them. Yummy indeed, I shall be eating these again for sure : )

I am spending the evening with Dale, he's off on a fishing trip Friday so we're getting a True Blood fix in before he goes!

Tomorrow I am in Hastings so a busy day awaits me, I hope you have a fab evening whatever your up too x x x

Question: Are you eating any festive foods already, or is it too early for you?

Sweet mincemeat porridge is the way ahead believe me!!!!


  1. cute! had to click out to look and i love it!

  2. I love the new header! I had a brie and cranberry panini the other day which is pretty festive, plus I've had a toffee nut latte. Yum!

  3. Love the header :) I made stollen last weekend so have been in with the seasonal stuff!

  4. I'm waiting until I find some of the naturally sweetened mince meat and then I'm going to be all over mince meat oats! I also love porridge with macadamias, cranberries and orange, so good!

  5. Lovely Header been making cinnamon mince meat...delicous