Friday, 4 November 2011

I'm Alive

Hey everybody hope your all ok?
I am good still a little upset, sore and feeling pretty stupid about the crash, but it was an accident and no one got hurt, I'm still alive so that's what counts : )

I wont go into details I'm just glad its over and like I said I'm alive! I've had a busy couple of days so shall we take a rewind.........


I got up early to sweat out some worry in the gym:

10 minute intervals on the stair mill, cross trainer and summit + 30 minute intervals on the treadmill

For breakfast I had my usual quinoa, carob and coconut porridge topped with yogurt and seeds. I spent the morning organizing session plans for Hastings clients then went to Bikram

For lunch I had a mix of pumpkin, onion, lentils, peas, parsley and vegan pesto. This was GOOD! Then it was time to get the train to Hastings. Bloody sucks not having a car!!!

I hung out with niece 1 and......

niece 2!

By the end of Thursday my back/side started to hurt and I felt pretty rough and was glad when my train home pulled into the station and I could get home to bed!


I ate breakfast before my first client today, same as above surprise surprise!

I worked at the shop afterward

Lunch was a mix of spelt pasta, mushrooms and pesto with organic salad leaves

My veg box came today and it is soooooooo good, so many veggie treats : )

I also had some vanilla yogurt and a new to me apple, I can't remember the name but it was delicious!

I left work early because I had to go to the Osteopath i have slight whip lash down my right side
: (

I have a busy weekend ahead, work in the shop both days, a clients session and my friend is coming to stay too a Tru Blood marathon maybe on the cards for Saturday night : )

Ok, thanks for your well wishes I'm good just a little shaken nothing time wont fix.

Have a fab weekend I'll pop in at some point x x


Ever been in a crash?

I have been in 3 now.
2 when I wasn't driving and 1 when I was, every one of them terrifying.


  1. So glad that your ok, I've never been in a serious crash but have had a few bumps and they were bad enough! Hope you have a really relaxing weekend to recover xxxx

  2. How awful I am so very sorry..of course you will be shook up I hope you feel better soon...kindest wishes xxxxx
    Lynn x

  3. Oh no!!! Glad you are OK, rest when you can. Sending you lots of good vibes xxx

  4. So glad you are ok, and that you've been eating delicious food to help recuperate (I hope a little chocolate has been involved too!)

    Did I ever ask you where your glasses were from? They are amazing!

  5. So sorry to hear about your crash!! Glad you are okay but what a scare!