Tuesday, 29 November 2011

I Am 30!!!!!

OMG I'm 30!!!!!!!!
Ha ha ha yep today is my birthday the big 30, actually can't believe I have lived for 30 years its crazy! But before I tell ou about my plans let me take you back to Saturday evening when I put on my eye patch and drank some rum...........

After work at the shop on Saturday I hopped onto a very over crowded and very hot train to Hastings. I went to my friend Waynes and got ready for my friend Cassie's 30th birthday party. Yes it was pirate fancy dress this is not my usual Saturday night get up then again I could quite happily start a new trend!

I hung out with Wayne's little kitties

and we covered ourselves in tattoos! The to the party we went : )

I had a fab night seeing lots of friends that I haven't seen for ages! Including Shell the pirate rat!
Dale came home too on Saturday, he came and picked me up from the party and we went back to Brighton. Awwwwwww happy the boy is back : )


I started the day with a big bowl of festive and banana oats and once it had settled it became great yoga fuel. I had a good class then went home to sort out my stuff for Hastings.

I trained clients all afternoon/early evening then after training my sisters hubby we had dinner.

Oh my gosh Jes made the best dinner! Fruity quinoa, kale with sesame oil, roasted squash and aubergine and a mayo free coleslaw: DELISH!

After dinner I met Dale and spent the evening hanging out with him : )

I made a new friend, what a cutie!


30 today!

I started the day with some banana and cinnamon oats, topped with rice milk and almonds

I also enjoyed some kitty time : )

Me and Jes just got back from town after meeting my friend Roxanne for coffee. I have just had lunch which was also delicious but you'll have to wait for tomorrow to see it!

I am now going to enjoy my birthday and will be back to report tomorrow : )


  1. Happy Birthday chick, hope you have a great day! You look fab as a pirate!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    A pirate themed party looks so much fun. I'd be tempted to dress up as Jack Sparrow just to have an excuse to wear a wig with those adorable dreads he has. Not that I'd look anywhere near as good as Johnny Depp though!!!

    Kitty time is the ideal birthday activity, I think :)


  3. Happy Birthday!Pirate parties are (arrrgh!) the best :)

    Your breakfasts are looking divine!

  4. Again: Happy bday love! I hope the weather's not as terrible in Brighton as it is in London.

  5. Happy Birthday :) Hope you are enjoying it all :)

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a great day :) x

  7. Happy Birthday! The pirate party looks like tonnes of fun :)

  8. What a beautiful pirate :)
    Hope you had a wonderfl birthday. Your 30's are fab.
    Congratulations, have a great week x