Sunday, 13 November 2011

Gossip and Good Food

Well first of all thank you everybody for my blog birthday wishes and entering my GIVEAWAY
I've had a busy couple of days which is why I haven't been able to pop in. But have no fear I've been snap happy and there are plenty of photos for you to see. Yep this is a photo heavy post hope you enjoy a rewind picture overload!


Ok first up I have some news.......I have mentioned a few times over the past few weeks a "friend". This friend is actually a pretty cute guy I have been seeing called Dale so I thought I'd tell you his name so you know who I'm referring too : )

Ok gossip done lets get to the food.........

Saturday morning I made a delicious bowl of sweet mincemeat oats topped with coconut. This had serious staying power which was lucky cause I didn't get lunch till half 2!

After breakfast I put a flower in my hair then had to drive my car for the first time since my crash. I have to say it was pretty nerve racking but luckily Dale came with me which really
helped. I had to go to the breakers yard to pick up parts then we drove my car to the mechanics which was pretty far. By the time we got back to town we were starving!

Dale has never been to the American Diner so I thought it would be a good choice for lunch, plus I had chips on my mind!

I really love this diner the decor is fab and I love the fact it has booths to sit in

I had a GIANT falafel burger with hummus, salad and chips!
Yummy this was really good and just what I needed to fill my tum, plus this kind of food is needed now and again!

After lunch we went back to mine to start a true blood marathon before X Factor, yes I am still loving the reality TV!

For dinner we had roasted veggies with spelt pasta mixed with vegan pesto. Luckily Dale doesn't mind the vegan food fest I put him through!

Ooooooooooo yes I did!

Vegan tofu cones, they look good right?

Hmmmmm disappointing unfortunately, the cones were like old bits of leather and the toffee had a waxy texture, don't think I'll be buying these again : (


After having a coffee and yet again a delicious bowl of stove top oats, this time mixed with grated apple and topped with almonds and cinnamon I had to go and train a client but it wasn't till 10,30 so not too bad : )

Back home quick to change before heading into town for a sunny Sunday walk. My new flower was perfect for this glorious day, a little glitter in the sunshine is always good!

First me and Dale went to get coffee to go with a sit in the sun. I got a soy gingerbread latte. Wow I haven't tried one before and I think this will definitely be passing my lips again, so good!

We sat in the sun and people watched while we drank our coffee in the sun

I love Brighton especially when the sun is shining, its such a wonderful city and fab place to live

A little while later we took a walk along the seafront and indulged in a fruity cider in the sun at one of my favorite bars........hmmmmm yes there has been a lot of indulging lately but I'm cool with it : )

After all our walking lunch was calling my name, home again I made some quinoa mixed with coriander, cucumber and walnut oil, topped with falafels, hummus and had some organic salad leaves on the side. Good lunch!

Ahhhhhhhhh I have had a really good weekend lots of laughter and fab food has left me smiling from ear to ear : )

I am now going to roast a butternut squash and top it with a curried lentil mish mash and I can't wait! I'll bring you some photos tomorrow but for now I shall say goodnight x x x


What have you been up to this weekend, tell me what has made you smile?

Good company and good food = smiles for me : )


  1. Nice to hear about the new fella! All your eats look so tasty and it looks like a wonderful weekend to be in Brighton! I enjoyed getting dressed up as a punk and drinking wine and eating sweets :-)

  2. Is that the diner by the sea front? that place looks so fab!

  3. Exciting news about Dale :) I loved it when I went to Brighton a while back- it was such sunny weather and it was just perfect.

  4. That's pretty exciting happy for you!

  5. Shame about the cardboard cornetto's, they look so nice!