Thursday, 10 November 2011

Busy Busy Busy

A quick hello from me today, I am busy busy busy so no time to hang around as much as I would love too! I am off to Hastings to train clients but having to get the train really takes up the time!
A little rewind from to yesterday:


I started the day with a giant cherry vanilla and coconut smoothie which was delish! Then I went to work at the shop where we had a very busy day not with sales but complaints!

Lunch was a light relief from the complaints, I had wild rice and veggies

After work I went and trained a client

I then ate this energy bomb!

Before heading to Bikram : )

When I got home it was late 9.30pm late so I just grabbed some cornflakes!


My client canceled today's session this morning which meant I could get in the gym early : )
I did a 40 minute strength/tone circuit, 15 minute run and 20 minutes spin

Breakfast was my usual quinoa porridge with addition of bees pollen : )

Ok that's me over and out have a fab Thursday x x


Whats for/did you have for lunch today?

I'm having veggies and tofu no surprise there!


  1. I'm having nori rolls with avocado and nutritional yeast, lots of chopped veggies and some rice crackers! I must try making a vanilla cherry smoothie rather than a chocolate one some time!

  2. Your quinoa porridge and breakfast smoothie look soo good! :)