Monday, 21 November 2011

Another Food Decision

Hey, sorry to say but my mood is no better and my skin even worse today : (

I have been doing a lot of thinking and reading and have had to make big decision, it seems my skin has got a lot worse since going vegan? I know this way of eating has been good and I have loved all the food but I think I may be missing something from my diet so I have been reading the blood group diet and have realised a lot of the foods I have been eating don't agree with me and lots I have cut out do! So I have decided it is worth a try to stop with the bad and start with the good which means I'm going to start eating fish and eggs again. I don't feel comfortable eating meat and this is because I don't think it is necessary or any good. Affordable meat is filled with crap and water and the expensive stuff is just that expensive, plus I have never really been a great lover of meat so I don't feel the need to eat it anymore. I plan to stay eating all the foods I have been but just adding fish and eggs into the mix too. I have also spoken to a homeopath who is sending some stuff to try and help so fingers crossed I can sort this out : )

I have had today off so last night I didn't set my alarm and this morning woke naturally which was a first for a long time! I planned yoga and the gym but was feeling too upset and really didn't want to leave the house, I got up and after a hot water and lemon ate a delicious bowl of apple and cinnamon oats topped with a little soy milk and seeds.

I spent the morning dying hair and sorting through some bits in my rooms. I had a snack break and ate some rice cakes with pure spread and an apple : )

For lunch I had the last of my spelt pasta with vegan pesto, mushrooms and salad leaves. This was delicious. I had planned again to go to yoga this afternoon but I just feel so unhappy today I decided a house day in comfy clothes was needed so I have done just that! Hopefully my mood will be better tomorrow, its going to be a busy one filled with clients so I wont have time to think thank god!

I apologies to be so sad but anyone that has suffered with acne or any other skin/body complaint will understand, I hope! I just pray that it has died down by Saturday, Dale is back and I am supposed to be going to a fancy dress party! I have to admit though if my skin is still like this I wont be socialising with anyone : (

Ok I don't wanna bring you down too, I'm off no post tomorrow as I have a VERY busy day and wont be back till late so have a fab Tuesday lovely readers x x x


Have you ever tried homeopathic treatments?

Have you ever tried the blood group diet?

I keep trying to go vegan and it seems my body doesn't wanna know, maybe one day.........


  1. Hope your ok chick, I hate it when you have one of those days. Hope that introducing eggs and fish will help. I haven't read much of the blood group diet but I do believe that being vegan perhaps isn't right for everyone, I guess you have to do some experimenting to see what works for you :-)

  2. Ahh bless you - I want to give you a hug! My skin plays me up sometimes, I find clay-based masks are good, the cheapy 'Mudd Mask' sachets from Boots seem to help and calm it down but don't do it the day before a social event as it can sometimes bring a breakout out before it gets better.
    Also I find the boring old drink lots of water and reduce sugar helps.
    Look forward to hearing more about the blood group diet; I've heard about it but have never tried it out :)

  3. Hope your skin gets better soon! Have you tried taking a blood test? Maybe it'll tell you what food groups you need to incorporate more of.

    I've heard of the blood group diet, but apparently I'm supposed to take in inordinate amounts of meat, so I brushed it off. XD

  4. It's really interesting to hear that your skin got worse... of course it's crap and annoying but when I did my 2 weeks unintentional vegan stint my skin got so much better! If I eat less dairy it automatically looks better. But every person's different.

    I know that Miranda Kerr is a huge supporter of the blood group diet (and it's obviously working for her haha). I've done some research on the blood group diet and it's funny how true it is. I'm very much a AB+ person..

  5. Hi,
    i like your blog and usually i don't comment,but i know first hand how this problem can put you down...I have been raw vegan for a while,and that didn't work for me,so i modified my diet to my specific needs.What i learned is that when seeking information,nobody talk or realy understand female hormonal system,which is crucial for the skin health.
    Long story short,you can try a small experiment:
    unless you are alergic to dairy,introduce for two moon cycles grass-fed organic raw butter
    (always fermented dairy).
    You can add it to your smoothies.I think you would be pleasently surprised.
    Also,try to reduce or stop eating any soy product.
    I think fish like sardines and mackarel,possibly wild,is a wunderful idea,with their dha and epa that would benefit not just your skin,but brain,heart and hormonal balance.
    I have also found very helpful blood-cleansing herbs like dandelion root,burdock root and nettle and horsetail for rimineralisation.
    Hope this helps