Sunday, 16 October 2011

Where Did The Week Go?!

WOW I haven't blogged since Wednesday! Where did the week go?!
I may not have been doing much on here but feel safe in the knowledge that this side of the screen its been full steam ahead!

I've had some yummy breakfast including smoothies and quinoa and carob porridge. These kept my mornings fueled for work at the shop, training clients and training myself. I've had some great sessions lots of yoga and gym : )

Thursday I went to Hastings to train clients including my sister who had a little something for me........

These are the cutest little books and really helpful for my vegan quest!

Perfect for keeping in my purse when i go shopping : )

Ha I opened this one and look at the page, must be fate!

Yay my favorites!

I've also had some really really good savory meals. Lots of veggies mixed with rice, quinoa, soy mince and tofu. Plus I have been using the pesto Karin gave to me on our bloggy meet up and OMG its like THE BEST pesto ever! I'm loving it and don't want it ever to finish! I've also been using celery salt instead of regular salt, I really like the flavor : )

Last night I went to Hastings Bonfire it was fab, very loud and the fireworks were just amazing. The evening lead into a boozy one so once again I've had a hangover nursing day and am feeling pretty tired, I'm looking forward to bed! But first X factor!

Tomorrow I am back to Hastings to train clients and I plan to be up early for a gym session.
I hope you've all had a fab weekend and enjoyed the good weather!


What have I missed?

Tell me the gossip readers! What you been doing, seeing, eating?


  1. Those little books are so cute, what a great idea! x

  2. Those books are an awesome idea! I could do with something like that, especially for iron and calcium!

  3. I love those little books! The content looks so useful and easy to understand. Awesome!

  4. These booklets are so adorable! You have a fabulous sis!

    Ah X-Factor.. Frankie has to GOOOOO! (sorry, I know he's from Brighton but he's terrible!!)

  5. Those books are brilliant! I'm so excited about bonfire night - it's my favorite night of the year :)