Sunday, 9 October 2011

Beakfast In Bed Again

Well we are nearly done with another week and Monday is calling us again are you ready for another work week, bet you wish it was the weekend again!?

I've had a good day even though its been mostly all work and no play but hey ho

Amazingly I had an alright nights sleep but that was because I own ear plugs! Jeez the people upstairs were up partying ALL night even when I left the house to train my client around 8.30am they were still in full swing!

I enjoyed breakfast in bed again today but it was a little different:

quinoa and millet porridge with cherries, coconut and..........DARK CHOCOLATE DREAMS!
Yes I indulged in a pot from Whole Foods : )

After enjoying a very delicious breakfast I was off and out leaving the thud thud thud of music to train my client then it I popped back home before work at the shop to take some photos

This what I picked up in whole foods

Dark chocolate dreams (SO GOOD!), can of pumpkin, amazing meal green superfood bar and a pack of spiru-tein protein powder

Look what a lucky lady I am! Karin is so sweet she got me some fab goodies : )

Miso soup, pukka tea, chocolate........

Nakd bars, bear blueberry yo yo and some amazing looking pesto!

Oooooooooo and the best homemade granola!!!!!!!!!!!
Which I can't stop eating! Thank you Karin you are too sweet : )

Work at the shop was pretty boring but lunch is never boring! I had quinoa mixed with mushrooms and sundried tomato paste, salad leaves and cucumber. Every mouthful was a taste sensation!

I also ate my amazing meal bar

Yummy : )

I went to yoga after work and about an hour before I snaked on an apple and rice cake with tahini

For dinner I had a giant green monster just what I needed after a hot class

I can't lie there may have been a spoonful of chocolate PB enter my mouth but there are no photos so who really knows!? ha ha ha ha

Tomorrow I will go to the gym early before work at the shop have a fab Monday x x x


Flavored peanut butters are you in?!

I'm loving this PB but not as much as the homemade stuff I have won and made in the past

P.S Hemp Winner here!!


  1. I do love the flavoured pbs but I think I love them too much! I have them stashed in a box in my cupboard out of reach as I just can't resist them right now! You did very well in WF, I would have spent far too much!

  2. Yummy - all those goodies! I can't wait for another London trip so I can pop into Wholefoods :)

    I'm totally on board with flavoured PB, but I'd still rather have simple straight-forward whole peanut PB straight off a spoon (when my brother asks me where the peanut butter has gone, i glance lovingly at the teaspoon by the sink, and have such fond memories! haha)