Saturday, 1 October 2011

Veg Box and a Giveaway!!!!!!

Wow what about this weather ay?!
Can't quite believe its the 1st of October! As its Saturday afternoon I shall be sharing yesterdays food because well because you haven't seen that yet and I am saving today's food as a review! More on that another time I have a different review well the start of one............


Yep I got this to sample, and you can read about that over on Lean Ladies Fitness


1st thing Friday morning I was in the gym for 6am to do a leg workout:

20 alternating lunges holding 5kg DBs
15 squat and lifts with 4kg med ball
20 hamstring lifts on stability ball
15 weighted sumo squats 10kg DB
I followed this with a 25 minute spin session

After freshening up I ate breakfast, which I had taken with me, before going to train my first client of the day. My overnight oats breakfast included:

1/2 cup GF oats, chocolate hemp protein, chia seeds, cherries, blueberries and soy yogurt.
This was a yummy breakfast and really filled me up!

When I got home my fruit and veg boxes were there! The fruit box had apples, bananas, pears and kiwis

The veg box was full of goodness too! Black kale and salad leaves, onions, potatoes, green pepper, cauliflower, carrots and corn on the cob!

I had a quick coffee then was straight back out to my Bikram class.
I had a fab and very hot session and after literally rushed home and got in the car to drive to Hastings to train my clients there. I ate a 9 bar on route to curb my hunger, I have to say it tasted sooooooo sweet I'm defo gonna have to start making my own bars : )

I didn't get lunch till 4pm! When I finally got the time to sit down I really enjoyed my lunch, I had wild rice mixed with mushrooms and sun dried tomato sauce as well as some of the salad leaves from my veg box. The salad was so flavorsome!

I hung at my sisters waiting for her to return from work so I could train her and her husband, I had some company though..........

Awwwwwww someone was tired!


Sister and her husband successfully trained I was back on the road home to Brighton

When I got home I was kinda hungry for dinner but having had lunch so late a smoothie beast was all I wanted. I had a blueberry and vanilla protein smoothie topped with coconut flour and seeds. I had some apple dippers on the side : )

Today I got up, you guessed it, early to meet my friend Tara for a coffee before Bikram. I had s fab and sweaty class then popped to the shops to pick up a couple of things before heading home. I've been neglecting the sun but I have had loads to do, I also missed the posture clinic which is annoying but I'll hopefully get to the next one!

I'm planning an evening out on the town tonight. I'm meeting my friend Hannah, who I used to live with, and we're going for a few drinks. I'm looking forward to hanging out with Hannah as I've not really seen her since moving out, well other than briefly at the gym!

I hope your all having a fab weekend and if you want it to get even better head over to
Lean Ladies Fitness for my Hemp Protein giveaway!


Have you tried hemp protein before?

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  1. As I'm sure you remember I'm a massive fan of that protein! especially as its vegan and pretty affordable! Hope you have a great night out!