Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Topping Up On The Omegas!

Hey Happy Hump Day!
I hope its been all good for you cause it certainly has for me. Well it was always going to be pretty good cause I had the day off other than a 7am client : )
I have to admit training my client this morning was bloody FREEZING! I train her outside and boy was it frosty, boxing got the blood pumping though! I got home cold and hungry but all I wanted was a smoothie? Ice cold and I want an ice cold breakfast? I think its cause it wont be long till hot breakfasts are on the menu for the frosty months, I'm just keeping the summer dream alive for a while! Plus I had some deliciousness to try................

Look what the lovely people at Linwoods sent me!
I love linseeds and these little packs of linseeds mixed other grounded nuts/seeds and berries are perfect for sprinkling on smoothies, fruit, yogurt, savory dishes, the list goes on and on!

I made it my days mission to really get some tasting in for this review, such hard work! I started with a sprinkle of flax, sunflower, pumpkin & sesame seeds & goji berries sprinkled on top of a chocolate hemp and almond smoothie!

This was delicious and perfect yoga fuel!

My Bikram class was pretty insane today they cranked the heat up to 115 degrees which was sweaty to say the least! I was glad to have time to just lay in savasana at the end f class. Usually I rush out to get in the shower before anyone seeing me naked but today I actually waited till everyone had used the shower so no one saw me anyway!

For lunch I had a bowl of miso soup thanks to Karin and 2 corn on the cob that needed using from my veg box : )

I haven't had corn on the cob for ages! This was so good, I drizzled a little walnut oil and sprinkled a little celery salt over them which was delicious

To follow I had an apple topped with the same Linwoods seeds as breakfast and some other whole seeds for more crunch : )

The afternoon was spent washing hair and tidying my room, I was going to go to the gym but felt pretty wiped out after my Bikram class plus I like to go to the gym in the morning when its quiet, to many posers in there later on in the day and there are never any machines free!

Wow this was the best dinner! I have never stuffed a roasted squash before but I am certainly going to do it again this was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Roasted Squash & Spicy Lentil Filling

For the squash:
cut in half, take seeds out (keep for roasting), rub a little coconut oil on inside, sprinkle with a little celery salt.

For the lentil filling:

In a little coconut oil fry 1 small onion, 1/2 courgette, 1 inch of a fresh chili, add 1/2 c of cooked lentils and 1tsp of vegan basil pesto

When the squash is roasted just fill it with the lentil mix and enjoy, believe me you will enjoy this!

For pudding I had stewed apple and blueberries topped with soy yogurt, seeds and Linwoods flaxseed, almonds, brazil nuts, walnuts and Q10 sprinkles. It was perfect!

I am very impressed with the packs I've been testing, they also sent me a recipe card with some great ideas I will be trying for sure. If you have yet to try Linwoods you must go check out their website and have a read of all the health benefits from these delicious superfood mixes, its pretty impressive : )

I have another day off tomorrow, YAY, I'm planning an early gym visit, docs, yoga, chill : )


Have you ever tried Linwoods superfoods?

If not you gotta!

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  1. I have tried the Linwoods seed packets and also the plain flax, and wasn't that keen, but I think my mistake was adding too large a quantity so they overwhlemed everything else. After seeing you use them so much I might well give them another try.

    Have you posted a recipe for that smoothie? It looks divine!


  2. I have that pumpkin/flax/goji/whatnot mix and love having it in my breakfast.. Delish!!

    Aww you know what? I hate corn on the cob!!! I like the taste of it but I hate how it gets stuck in my teeth. :D

    BTW I need to tell you something exciting!!! Will drop you a line tonight on FB if my internet is working properly.

  3. I do love adding Linwoods to my smoothies and oats. I love that the bags are so huge so they last forever.