Monday, 31 October 2011

Tofu x 3

Well the weekend came and went way to quick for me, which makes me kind of sad cause I've had a swell couple of days : )

I've had good company and some really good food which always makes for a good time, right?!
I have some yummyness to show you from the weekend and today so enjoy.........


Saturday night I went out for dinner with my sister, her husband and a friend of mine. I had been meaning to take my sister to Pho for ages and Saturday was the perfect opportunity

I had Bun Chay which is vermicelli rice noodles with a stir fired topping of herbs, and peanuts with a spring roll, tofu and mushrooms. This is soooooooo good I absolutely love this dish!

After dinner as Brighton was celebrating white night which means loads of the attractions were free the four of us decided to take advantage and go round the Royal Pavilion (FOR FREE!) OMG it is amazing in there, the chandeliers were so SO beautiful I was so glad we went : )
Afterward there was an alternative village fete we had a look round. We ended up getting the richest raw chocolate brownie, so good!


Sunday = Tru Blood marathon!

Oh and a delicious tofu and veggie curry pictured below


Today i got up early and went to the gym for a good cardio sweat fest:

10 minutes on the cross trainer, summit trainer and stair mill, 20 minute interval run

I had a cornflakes fix for breakfast topped with raisins, apple and coconut

A walk into town later to get lunch ingredients lead me past this shop. I noticed in the window coconut beer?! I think this may well have to be tasted at some point, I bet its weird but I gotta try!

For lunch I made a yummy mix of goodness. Spelt pasta mixed with vegan pesto and topped with green olive tofu with salad leaves on the side. Every bite was a joy to eat!

Hmmmmmmmm vegan flapjack anybody!?
Ha this was amazing and worth every calorie. It had giant pieces of apricot and apple as well as coconut, very rich though and a treat not to be had too often!

I have a busy day planned tomorrow gym, yoga and a drive to Hastings to train clients.
I hope you had a fab weekend I certainly did : )


Do you drink flavored beers/ciders?

I have to admit I do like the odd fruity cider but am not keen on beers but the coconut one has me intrigued.........


  1. I love Pho - I had that meal last time and it was amazing. I'm not a fan of beer at all but I tried fruit cider during the summer and it was nicer than I was expecting it to be! x

  2. I love my fruity cider and I had a strawberry beer once which was amazing. I saw some banana beer in Lidl which may have to be bought at some point too :-)

  3. I think I had a hemp beer once and it was a bit odd. Haha.

    I love fruity cider though!!!

  4. Dark chocolate brownies are my all time favorite too. Don't love the fruity ciders that much but like sipping in new flavors occasionally.