Monday, 10 October 2011

Tofu Blueberry Pudding

Manic Monday?
Not really for me its been a good start to the week though.............

I went to the gym before breakfast to get a good sweat fest in. I did a 40 minute strength circuit followed by 35 minutes of cardio, 10 minutes summit and 25 minute spin. I also did some ab work before heading home to fill my hungry tummy!

A giant green monster was on the menu topped with the homemade granola from Karin and coconut, needless to say this was delish!

I worked at the shop and within 2 hrs had done my weekly target! Yep a £4000 sale to start the week wasn't too bad : )

Mid morning snack: dark tahini on rice cakes

For lunch I had wild rice with mushrooms and vegan pesto, salad leaves and cucumber

Followed with another Karin treat! Thank you chin twin!!!!!!!

Later in afternoon I had a giant apple and some oat cakes with tahini, my appetite has been a little out of control lately!?

After work I had a sports massage and back clicking appointment which was very needed, I eel way better now plus my shin splints have heeled and I can start to introduce some light jogging on the treadmill, whoop! But its going to be done very slowly indeed : )

For dinner I made a curried mess of veggies and tofu, yummy!

I then made a really great pud, apples topped with homemade tofu pudding!

Blueberry Tofu Pudding

1 pack silken tofu
1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup soy milk
drizzle maple syrup
(or any syrup you like)

Put everything in a food processor and whiz into a delicious pudding. This is way cheaper than buying a soy yogurt too : )

I am in Hastings tomorrow so there may not be time for a post but ya never know, have a fab Tuesday x x x


What do you do when you appetite is wild?

I try to keep healthy snacks around, like today the oat cakes came to the rescue especially as my work colleague went out and bought the most delicious looking biscuits but luckily they weren't vegan so I resisted!


  1. Oh I can feel you on the appetite thing! I usually try and assess if its due to stress or boredom but if its not then I try and go with it by eating healthy snacks, I can eat apples by the bucket load!

  2. Hun I can send you the recipe for the granola if you want (haha it's not even mine!) It's dead easy to make and SO healthy! :)

    That pudding looks so scrumptious! Need to try it!

    I always eat when I'm hungry.. If I feel like a bottomless pit I aknowledge that and don't feel guilty when I eat more than usual.. after all it's our body's way of telling us we need more fuel!