Monday, 17 October 2011

Week 4

Thought I'd share a few photos from the weekend with you, bonfire night was a treat! The drums and costumes were really great. I would have to be in the procession to be honest, we used to be in the Robertsbridge one when we were little which was so much fun : )

Before heading out on the town me and my sis went to Waynes to see his babies!


Ahhhhhh isn't my sister a looker!

This is Waynes other baby! OMG so cute and as light as a feather!

I wanted to keep her : )


Today I actually got up and went to the gym at 6am, how I don't know as I was so tired!
I did 40 minutes of leg strength work and then a 45 minute run/speed walk

Back home it was smoothie time! Chocolate, hemp and almond smoothie beast!

After breakfast I hit the road to Hastings to train clients and see my sister

I ate my lunch at Jes's. I had wild rice, mushrooms, tofu and salad leaves.
I hung out and had a good laugh about our weekend antics then drove home

For dinner I had brown rice noodles, veggies and soy chunks delicious!

This is my week 4 of veganisim and I have to say I might be sticking with it. The food suits me and I'm really enjoying this way of eating. I say might be I am going to stick with it! I found it pretty easy to stick to and its made me make some better choices but I definitely need to start to make some vegan flapjacks or something I have decided!


What foods have you been enjoying lately?

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  1. Glad your enjoying being vegan! I realised that its been 1 year since I became a veggie, I love eating this way :-) I've been loving apples, pears and squash!