Friday, 7 October 2011

Red Lentil Mash

Yay its Friday which means the weekend is here : )
I hope you have all had a Fun Friday?

I've had the day off so its been pretty good not having to be anywhere or having to do anything. Yesterday I left you after I had filled my tum with my favorite cornflakes.
Before leaving for Hastings in the afternoon I had lunch, not feeling that hungry as breakfast was so filling! I had a smoothie, this filled me up but not in a heavy way. Plus I didn't want to buy anymore food knowing my veg box was being delivered Friday morning so I made do with what was left for lunch and dinner.

The Rest Of Thursday

My smoothie lunch was delicious and very pretty, well I think so anyway!

In the mix:

1 large scoop of Chocolate Hemp Protein, dsp of cocoa, 1 apple, cup of water, cup of blueberries, the gums, coconut and lots of ice topped with seeds

I had new toy to train my clients with so I had lots of fun with them yesterday, I will have to do a whole post on my new equipment cause its sooooooo good!

My mix match dinner consisted of onion, sweetcorn, potato and lentils. I only had 2 potatoes left over from my veg box which is only because I don't usually eat them well other than smash!

Fun Friday

I started the day with a bowl of quinoa and carob porridge mixed with frozen cherries and topped with coconut flour mixed with water. I made little too much but needed some Bikram fuel so thought what the hell!

Breakfast settled I walked into town to sort out a parking space I am now renting and go to Bikram. Unfortunately where I live there is absolutely NO parking which sucks and since I moved in I have been parking my car about 20 minutes away. Not fun now the season is changing and the nights are darker so I have had to start renting a space for now, its only 2 minutes from my flat though so I can keep an eye on my wheels!

I got home and made a really yummy salad.

I topped some of the fresh salad leaves and cucumber I got in my veg box with mushrooms, hazelnut tofu and hummus

The hummus also had pine nuts in it, yum!

I while later I had apple topped with vanilla and raspberry soy yogurt and ground linseeds, brazil nuts and goji berries

I spent the afternoon sorting through a giant pile of receipts which has been grating on me for a while, I try to keep on top of my business accounts but the past couple of months have slipped somehow!?

This week I decided to skip the fruit box and get a large veg box, going vegan means a lot more veggies passing my lips so I thought it best to go large!

In my box: spinach, bag of salad leaves, parsley, mushrooms, onions, carrots, leeks, chillies, green pepper, cauliflower, courgettes, cucumber,

My dinner was just INSANELY good. As I have said before I'm really enjoying having some different ingredients to use in my food and being vegan I am getting a lot more adventurous in the kitchen. I made the best lentil dish so far in my vegan quest and had to share this with you!

Red Lentil and Chili Mash

1/2 cup red lentils
1 large carrot
1 small onion
1/4 chili
1/3 courgette
tbsp sun dried tomato paste
coconut oil

Put lentils on to boil. Steam carrot. Heat coconut oil and lightly fry chopped onion, chili and courgette. When carrot is soft add to frying pan along with the softened lentils. Mix together and add tbsp of sun dried tomato paste. Stir together to make a mash, then eat!

I had mine with smash cause I'm a weirdo but it would be great with rice or meat or fish! The flavor was really delicious and considering I don't really like chili I am very pleased with how this turned out! Well I like chili but not really hot and this was sweet with only a little heat, like my rhyme! ha ha

I had a fabulous pudding but I am going to save it for another day : )

Yay I really can't wait for tomorrow I have a very exciting day planned and look forward to tell you all about it but for now good night x x x


Are you a chili lover?

I am not one for heat but flavor is what I love. When I saw the chillies in my veg box today I have to admit the was a slight feeling of fear but I decided to jump straight in and use some tonight. The chili was sweet and flavorful and I can't wait to use more!


  1. I love chili and red lentils! I had a squash lentil dahl today and it was wonderful :)

  2. I like chilli but only a little bit- if it is too spicy then I do not like it- at nando's I can only manage the lemon and herb one!

  3. That's what I love about getting a veg box as it pushes your boundaries and gets you to try things you never would have! I love lentils and I think I'll have to try and make a big pan of red lentil mash to see me through some lunches one week!