Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Its All About The Smoothie

Hey hey what a busy couple of days I have had : )
The week has definitely started with a bang! I am popping in for a quick post as its late and I gotta get up to train a client for 7am


I started with a gym session at 7 then back home for breakfast......

Chocolate hemp and cherries made a wonderful smoothie!

Tummy full and off to Hastings

I had a wonderful mix of tofu, quinoa, carrots and kale for lunch

Roll on my next veg box!

I also ate a pear and apple, I had cornflakes for dinner!


Again I started the day with a gym session, I upped the weights from yesterday and my pecs are feeling it!

Same smoothie as yesterday, it was just too good!

After breakfast I made my way to job no.2

For lunch I had a mix of green lentils, quinoa and cauliflower which was delicious!

Yoga fuel! Soy yogurt chopped apple and seeds I had this a couple of hours before class.

Bikram was a burner!

Home and hungry I made a wonderful dinner but it looks yuk! I made a tofu scramble with silken tofu, green pepper, onion and curry powder I teamed this with boiled pots in an olive tapenade and a green salad. This was so flavorsome and I even had some tofu scramble left for tomorrow yay!

Ok that's me done and dusted have a fab hump day!!!!!!


Do you have a favorite lentil dish you would like to share?


  1. I do have some nice lentil things- mainly chilli or I think I did a veggie moussaka with lentils in it- that was nice. Making a sauce with silken tofu and sundried tomatoes and things, then baking the lentils in it with some veggies is nice too

  2. sound divine..think I will give this a whirl xxx

  3. I've only tried cooking red lentils so far but this is the best soup I have ever made:


  4. I would have to say my lentil and spinach soup or simple dahl, ooh and also my vegan shepards pie! I love lentils :-)

  5. Lentil shepherds pie http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/10035/golden-veggie-shepherds-pie