Saturday, 29 October 2011

Grrrrrrrrr Noisy Neighbors

Hey peeps a quick post to say hi : )
I am a busy bee today but have 5 minutes so I thought I'd take advantage and pop in to see you.
My day didn't really start well, I was kept awake by the upstairs neighbors and their music/army rolling across the ceiling! SERIOUSLY I have no idea what the hell they could have been doing up there but it got me up in time to have breakfast well before the gym!

I had my favorite quinoa, carob and coconut porridge topped with soy yogurt and seeds which as always was delish I also had a coffee then once it had all settled I was off to the gym for a another easy workout:

30 minute spin + 20 minute run = workout done!

After the gym I went to train a client and then I was off to Bikram. I have to admit being the 5th session in a row and not having much sleep made this class pretty tough but I made it through and felt better for it : )

After Bikram I came home to get ready for my weekend visitor
(hmmmm more on this another time!) and have lunch which was a chard bonanza!

I had a mix of steamed chard, carrot and leek mixed in a tom and basil sauce plain and simple but mighty fine!!!

Ok time to say goodbye and have a fab weekend I shall probably be back Monday as tomorrow is being spent with..............


How do you like to eat your chard?

God its sooooooo good : )


  1. I love chard, especially just sautéed with garlic and ginger, yum!