Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Full Moon Is Coming!

Hello, I'm definitely feeling the affects of the full moon that will be appearing tonight. I've been feeling like crap all day of I'm honest and am glad its nearly time for bed! Anyway don't let me get you down let look at some food!


Hmmmmmm doesn't look too much like food ay!?
Ha ha well first up is my new favorite piece of Brighton graffiti, just thought I'd share it with you

Tuesday morning I went to Bikram first thing then came home for breakfast. I gobbled down a green smoothie then hit the road to Hastings

Morning clients trained I went to my sisters to eat my lunch. I had veggies, wild rice and tofu

Sleepy kitty : )

I also had an apple topped with a mango soy yogurt.

After training my evening clients I ate a vegan sausage roll on the drive home, an apple and some chocolate coated marzipan! I know I know bad girl!


Today I got up early and went to the gym, I started my light jogging on the treadmill today. 3 minutes power walk 2 minutes jog. I know that sounds lame to some but I am determined to not get shin splints back and be able to run a half marathon next year watch this space! I started my workout with a 40 minute strength circuit and then did 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Another green monster for breakfast

Work at the shop followed breakfast, BOREDOM..........

Lunch was quinoa mixed with cauliflower, carrots and vegan pesto

I topped it with a big dollop of hummus : )

I had a nakd bar a little later. After work I popped into infinity foods quickly then went straight home to get my comfy clothes on and hibernate for the evening : )

I picked up some new to me noodles. Brown rice fine noodles which just need to sit in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes to cook. Nice and easy : )

I'm now getting to last of my veggies so its mish mash meals from now on. I made a mix of onion, chili, green pepper and courgettes cooked in coconut oil. I then threw in some olive tofu and fine brown rice noodles. I loved this, tasty really tasty : )

Pudding was my blueberry tofu pudding on top of a chopped apple with a little granola : o

Ahhhhhhh time to shut the world out and say goodnight x x x


Has the full moon coming affected you?

Blah Blah Blah let this feeling of Blah be gone!


  1. I know that the moon cycles are suppose to have an affect - I really should take more notice of the moon cycles and then I would be able to see if they do actually affect me! I think those mis mash meals when your using up the last of your veg can be the best!

  2. I really have to try that blueberry tofu pudding as it looks lovely.