Monday, 24 October 2011


Oh my god, I haven't for some reason been able to upload any photos and a blog post with no photos?! Not for me, I've been having lots of fun though you will be glad to hear : )

Friday was veg box day!!!!!!!!

There was lots of root veggies this week which makes me real happy and I haven't had broccoli since I started to get my veg box so I was glad to get some this week

I had a delicious smoothie Friday morning which had some of the lettuce from my veg box

This was a beast but so yummy! It kept me full till lunch time at the shop that's for sure.

Some foods that have been eaten over the weekend, I love eating colourful foods! It amazes me when I look at someones plate of food and there is no colour, I find it very strange.

Saturday I started the day with a giant bowl of carob, coconut and quinoa porridge with cherries and soy yogurt then worked at the shop

For lunch I had a yummy bowl of rice noodles, pak choi, mushrooms and tofu

Saturday evening was spent with a friend who came to Brighton for the weekend.........

There was some cider drinking.............

Sunday I had a yummy fruit booster from nero which was needed if you catch my drift!
Sunday evening me and my friend went to Wagamamas which was nice : )

I've had a really nice weekend and am looking forward to a week off from the shop. I am still training clients this week but that is fun work and I love it! My friend didn't actually leave until today which has meant I haven't done any exercise other than walking since Friday. I did go to the gym Friday morning and yoga after work but still I am yearning to exercise and can't wait to get in the hot room tomorrow : )

But for now night night, hope you all had a fab weekend x x


  1. Looks like a fun weekend, hope you enjoy your week off from the shop!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend¬ :)

  3. Enjoy your week away from the shop :)

  4. That vegbox looks so yummy!!
    Mmm nothing beats a good weekend with friends! :)

  5. How do you stay so slim Tam? I so wish I could eat like you do...I'm quite envious ha ha ..and I distance run..but I still have to be careful..still you inspire me always to try new and lovely things. Thank you
    Lynn xx

  6. I adore the fact that your food is always so colourful! It automatically looks very apetising! Hope you had a great week! xxx