Thursday, 6 October 2011

Cornflakes Are Back!

Hello, how are we on this not so sunny Thursday?
I would like to thank all of those that commented on my last post, the lentil ideas all sound fabulous and I am looking forward to trying some out : )

I was way too tired to post last night once i got in from my Bikram class, I just ate dinner and flopped in front of the tv to watch the replay of The Great British Bake. I'm quite sad its all over actually I loved that show!


I had to train a client at 7am so I got up and had a coffee and a couple of rice cakes and tahini before heading out

I got home and had breakfast no.2!

Cherry and vanilla deliciousness!

I worked at the shop in the day and totally forgot to take my phone with me! I had a mix of the tofu scramble left over from Tuesday nights dinner with quinoa, salad leaves and mushrooms. Before Bikram I had some apple yogurt and hulled hemp seeds. Bikram was good but I felt a little off with my practice for some reason..........

For dinner I had a miss match of stuff, I am at the end of my veg box and need to use up whats left before tomorrow. I made a mix of sweetcorn, cauliflower and lentils in a sundried tomato sauce with olive steamed pots on the side. It was a pretty yummy meal to be honest : )

For pud i had apple, kiwi, soy cream and seeds, too good!


I got up and had a coffee before heading to the gym first thing today. I did a 40 minute all over body circuit followed by 15 minutes spin and 15 minutes on the stair mill. I was ruined after ha ha great workout you can see it here.

I got home and was crazy hungry so had a MASSIVE bowl of cornflakes topped with coconut flour, a perfectly ripe pear and hulled hemp seeds

This was soooooooooo good! But very filling I was gonna go to yoga at 11.30 but was still so full I would have probably been sick with all the tummy compressions! But hey I can go tomorrow so its all good : )

Living my yoga dream in the kitchen with a big mug of coffee!

I have to go to Hastings this afternoon to train clients and may stay over at my papas before heading back tomorrow. I am off tomorrow and plan to enjoy my day off, some yoga, the gym maybe and well who knows! I have Saturday off too, I know can you believe it?! I have a really exciting day planned but you'll find out about that soon enough : )

Have a fab Thursday x x x


Any weekend plans your excited about?

Saturday Saturday, I just can't wait till Saturday! ha ha ha

P.S Veganism is still going strong!


  1. Glad the veganism is going well! No big plans for me as so skint its unbelievable, but looking on the bright side I'll be able to chill at home, probably in the kitchen!

  2. Your eats look really good! :)
    I'm looking forward to going shopping with my mom this weekend and going to church with the fam :)