Saturday, 8 October 2011

Chin Twins?

I've had a fabulous Saturday visiting the big smoke..............

I gave myself the day off exercise which meant I could enjoy breakfast in bed : )

And what a breakfast it was!

Quinoa and millet porridge, blueberries, soy yogurt, coconut and a sprinkle of linwoods grounded linseed mix. Wow this was a good breakfast to enjoy tucked up under the warm duvet

After breakfast I got my face on and headed to the train station to get my ride to London to meet........

Karin!!!!!!!! From give me bananas!!!!!!!!

Me and Karin have been bloggy buddies for AGES now and at the beginning of the year she moved to the big smoke from Bern. Finally we have been able to sort a meet up and what fun we had!

As soon as I got off the train and met Karin we decided to get lunch both of us were starving! Plus we're foodies what else would we do?!

We went to my favorite vegan takeaway food place, Karin hadn't been so I had to take her there. We both got brown rice, peppers, and cabbage topped with tomato soy mince

Neals Yard definitely delivered us a delicious lunch

After sitting eating our lunch in Neals Yard we went on another food mission.............

Oh yes we went on a food mission to Whole Foods in Kensington!
I was actually quite good and only bought a couple of things but you will have to wait to see them. I wanna take some good photos in the light.

After picking up a cake to takeaway we left whole foods to get coffee!

I got a soy latte to go with my vegan carrot cake


Nom nom nom! This was a yummy carrot cake indeed!

Ahhhhhh the title of my post you ask.......I think I found my chin twin!
Ha ha ha ha : )

After coffee and some chatting it was time to get the train home. I had such a lovely day meeting Karin as always it was fun to meet up with someone who loves food and exercise as much as me!

When I got home it was time to get dinner cooking and I new the chili had to feature again after last nights lentil mash

Tonight I had a tofu and chili scramble this included: potato, courgette, leek, chili, mushrooms and tofu I also had some salad on the side. This was just as nice as last nights chili experiment.

I had some chopped apple topped with soy yogurt and homemade granola given to me by the lovely Karin! Thank you chin twin its soooooooo goooooooood!

As you can see my day has been great I hope yours has been just as good?

I have an early session with a client before work at the shop tomorrow then yoga after, busy day here I come! Can't wait to train my client with the new equipment though : )


Whats your favorite porridge add in?

I'm loving blueberries and cherries at the mo : )


  1. Your breakfast looks amazing. I have to try Neals Yard salad bar next time I'm in Covent Garden - looks delicious. x

  2. Looks like you had fun! I love coconut at the moment- cherries and coconut is yummy. Or cocoa mashed into a banana.

  3. That looks like just the perfect day! I can't wait to plan another trip down to London soon! I love carrots in my oats right now, so good with cinnamon and raisins :-)

  4. Hello chin twin! Ah I had such a fab day! Next time it'll be Brighton!

  5. I love nutella or raspberry jam in my porridge. Not so healthy I know!! I don't like peanut butter though.