Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Chill In The Air

Good evening!
How are we all today? Jeez the temperature dropped ay?! There has been a real chill in the air today I have to be honest I'm not keen on the cold winter weather that will be with us soon I am a summer lover for sure. I do like it when I'm warm inside with big jumpers and socks a fab movie and the duvet keeping me toasty though!

I started today with a 7am yoga class. I really notice the difference when I do yoga in the morning to when I do it later in the day. The body is so much more stiffer but it is a fab way to start the day plus it meant I could come straight home after work : )

I had breakfast at work after class. A bowl of mesa sunrise gluten free flakes topped with an apple and soy milk

Rice cake and tahini snack

For lunch had a mix of wild rice, soy chunks left over from last night and salad leaves

Dinner was a mix of red lentils, steamed veggies and pesto. A real winter meal : )

Followed by heated up apple mixed with coconut flour and seeds which was really yummy

Other than a 7am session with a client tomorrow morning I have then next 2 days off which is pretty sweet I must say I pan to go to yoga and the gym tomorrow, Thursday I have a little something planned but I'll tell ya about then : )

Hope your week has started off well x x x


Any mid week plans or are you wishing for the weekend already?

I will admit I'm looking forward to the weekend already, I have Sunday off!


  1. I'm wishing for the weekend already! I have a few work meetings tomorrow including a late one but Thursday and Friday are nice and quiet thank goodness! Hope you enjoy your days off!

  2. The heated apple bowl sounds lovely!

    I adore the winter - and I'm looking forward to snuggling up in my blankets by the woodburner with a hot cup of tea...

    The weekend seems a long way off for me, as there's so much to get done the next couple of days :)