Friday, 28 October 2011

Chard In My Veg Box Yay!

Hello Friday readers hope we are all looking forward to the weekend : )
I definitely am. I am still off work from shop till Wednesday so there is lots more fun to be had before then! Yesterday I got back from Hastings a little later than expected so no post which means 2 days of eats for your viewing............


The day started with my usual 7am Bikram class then home for a delicious breakfast........

I had a giant bowl of carob, coconut and quinoa porridge with blueberries and topped with soy yogurt and Linwoods cocoa superfood mix. After a cup of coffee I was on the road to Hastings to hang out with my papa and make him lunch : )

I made lunch for my papa at my sisters. We had steamed veggies mixed with an olive vegan pesto and chickpeas it was delicious and very filling. We hung out for a bit chatting which is always good.

Awwwwwwww one of the bonuses of training my sisters and her husband is I get to hang out with my kitty nieces too : )

After training clients I got back to Brighton around 8.30ish and ate a soy chunk curry with veggies and more veggies!


This morning my first client was at 8am this gave me time to have breakfast before heading out. I had the same as yesterday cause it was just soooooooooo good the only difference was I had cherries instead of blueberries.

Yay my veg box came today and it didn't disappoint. There was so much goodness, this made my smile smile smile. Especially the chard, yay for chard!!!!!!

When I got back from training clients in the morning I popped to the gym for a little run. It was a short and sweet workout. I did a walk/jog on the treadmill: 3 min fast walk, 22 min jog, 5 min fast walk followed by a little ab blast:

10 straight leg lowers
30 heel taps
10 side plank raise each side

I got home and ate a mix of wild rice, tofu and mushrooms drizzled with a little sesame oil on top of salad leaves

After lunch I trained another client then a little later went to Bikram. It was my forth class of the week and I really enjoyed today. The teacher also mention my shoulders are really opening up which is fab!

Tonight's dinner was a fab, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the chard that came in my veg box today! I boiled up some red lentils, steamed chard, carrot and parsnip then mixed it all together with a tomato and basil sauce. I also added some fresh parsley, twas good

I had some apples with yogurt for pud.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It is white night in Brighton which means everything is free (as in the attractions, because the clocks change) like the pavilion which I shall definitely be visiting! I am also meeting my sister and her hubby for dinner (I am taking a friend/date along too!) so that should be fun as well. I hope you guys have some fun plans too?


What ya up too this weekend tell tell!?

Tomorrow morning I have the gym, a clients session and Bikram, then lots of fun planned for Saturday night (see above!) Sunday is a rest day and I think it may turn into a Tru Blood marathon day I need to get me some Eric!!!!!


  1. Tomorrow is a conplete rest day for me. I have the day off work so off to spend it with the family.

  2. Hope you've enjoyed some True Blood action! I love chard, especially the colourful type like that!