Thursday, 20 October 2011

Beautiful Breakfast = Porridge in a Pot

Yay its nearly the weekend!
Bet your all happy about that right? I sure am as I have Sunday off : )
Looks like there may be a few drinks in my future for Saturday night but I will try and stay a little more clear headed so I can do something with my Sunday off!

Today has been another day off which has been rather nice. I started the day with a fab circuit in the gym which you can get a copy of and read about here. After my morning sweat fest I was uber hungry and with a near empty and very pretty tahini jar waiting for me................

I loved this tahini pot and shall be making a trip to the Egyptian shop in Hastings old town to get another!

In the pot went a mix of quinoa and carob porridge, cherries, soy yogurt and hemp seeds!
Hemp seeds were courtesy of Linwoods.I think I may have found a favorite these are soooooooo good I gotta get me a big bag!
A while after breakfast I had to go to the docs, nothing serious : )

Then I went to Bikram. Class was a nice even 105 degrees heat today, this meant I had a good session yesterday that extra 10 degrees was a total killer!

When I got home I was real hungry and being off meant I could indulge in a hot lunch. I had the other half of my pumpkin to eat so I warmed that bad boy up and filled it with a curried lentil and veggies mix. I also topped it with a few roasted and celery salted pumpkin seeds : )

The afternoon was spent........messing around with my new phone! Oh and chilling out, not very productive but I'm pretty broke till pay day and if I go out money will be spent, its bad enough trying not to internet shop let a lone when I can actually touch the things I want to buy!

Afternoon I had some apple and yogurt topped with more seeds and linwoods grounded superfoods

I also snacked on some more the roasted seeds, yummy : )

I had a mix of brown rice noodles, soy chunks and steamed veggies for dinner. I also used up the last of my fresh basil and put it on top, so good!

I had an apple for afters : )

So tomorrow I am back in the shop and I am dreading it to be honest. We have our district manager there for the day and he isn't very keen on me for some reason. If he can make a dig at me he will, be it my clothes, hair, selling technique or what ever he can muster. I will be wishing the hours away tomorrow for sure : (


Do you try to stay away from the shops when you are broke?

I really have to, I have a real shopping problem I should really be doing Laura's big budget challenge. I guess I am in my own way no money = no leaving the house and spending!


  1. Brown rice noodles and veggies look so tasty!

    Doing the Laura's BBC has really been an amazing challenge. So instead of avoiding the shops I try to look at different ones and set myself ridiculous targets. Like what amazing useful thing can I by in thrift stores for £1? And last time I got a whole jumper... :)

  2. I tend to try the same thing, if I stay in then I'm not as tempted! Hope your day isn't too bad with that district manager, he sounds like a right pain in the arse xx

  3. I think staying in is a great way to save money.