Wednesday, 26 October 2011

1 Month Vegan and Yoga Shame

Hey hey how we doin?!
I am all good now I've put some not so good parts of the day behind me but more on that later first a little rewind.........


I started the day with my 7am Bikram class

Home and hungry the tum was filled with a delicious blueberry, coconut and vanilla smoothie before hitting the road the Hastings to train clients

I took my lunch to my sisters to hang out with her and the cats : )

I had wild rice, broccoli and leeks with a little celery salt and walnut oil

I also had some apple slices a little later before more client sessions

I had a short break before my last clients of the day so gobbled some swede, carrots and tofu which I had drizzled with toasted sesame oil

I drove back to Brighton and got hit with some crazy rain it was a pretty scary drive to be honest I was so glad when I got home!!!!!!!


Today started with a visit to the gym for a circuit followed by a 25 minute jog. Pain free jog I might add : )

I came home and had a delicious bowl of stove cooked coconut oats:

1/2 c oats, 1/4 c soy milk, 3/4 c water, chunk of coconut butter all cooked on the stove. I also added a chopped apple then topped with linwoods superfoods which was simply amazing!

After breakfast I hung out at home till it was time to go to Bikram this is where the not so good part of my day begins.................

At the time I thought I had plenty of time to chill before leaving for yoga. I went to town and realised I had forgotten all my yoga clothes. I popped into to a shop to grab some cheap make do sports clothes when my phone was my client asking if I was still going!? OMG I felt so bad and realised why when hanging out at home I had felt a little uneasy!

With my client rearranged for tomorrow I continued to yoga only to put on the clothes I bought and find they were the most ill fitting clothes I have ever put on I was not happy luckily the sports crop top I had on was black and not too bad so I wore that and lost the new top but I had no choice but to wear the new shorts which were HORRENDOUS! My goodness I felt so wrong but I went into the hot room and found a spot out of way and lay waiting for the class to start in my corner of the room. The teacher came in and decided that as no one had gone to the front row she would get some people up to take place there......(YOU KNOW WHERE THIS IS GOING!!!!) yes friends when I heard her call my name thought it was a mistake but alas it was not! I had to go to the front for all to see in my awful sports wear! I have never gone in the front row and today as not a good day to start my reflection was not my friend!!
The only good thing to come of it was my practice was actually rather good and I did my first full 1 minute standing bow : )


After yoga I went to meet my friend for a much needed coffee and chat after my hell then I came home. I didn't get back till 4 so had a very late light lunch of corn on the cob and miso soup

I also had a small apple topped with some soy yogurt and pollen

For dinner I had a carrot and cauliflower curry with soy chunks and pudding was a small mix of quinoa with raisins and topped with soy yogurt and seeds.

Ooooooooo before I forget today is my 1 month vegan review! Yep I made it, one month of vegan foods. I will a bigger post on this in the next few days. I have to admit it has been easy and most delicious. I haven't really found it difficult and I have enjoyed so many new dishes which has been fab for the taste buds. I will be carrying on with this way of eating, maybe not for ever but for the foreseeable future definitely. I'm looking forward to a vegan Christmas this year : )

Tomorrow I will be going to an early morning Bikram class I have a client to train here then to Hastings I go. Lunch with my papa and clients late afternoon. Hopefully I'm finishing a little earlier tomorrow so should get home to post.......fingers crossed!


Gym/workout humiliation have you had any?

Maybe my crazy yoga rant seems over the top to you but believe me I am not that comfortable with my body at the best of times let a lone stood up in front of a whole yoga class with a small pair of ill fitting shorts and sports bra/crop top........oh the shame!!!!!!!


  1. I don't go to the gym for this very reason! I love classes, and most of my embarrassment comes from not being able to bend very well :)

  2. Oh no, what a nightmare! I think I was most embarrassed when the teacher had to keep correcting my posture in yoga class, especially when all the others in the class were amazing. Glad you managed that pose though! Great to hear that the veganism is working well for you too :-)

  3. That sounds awful! I've been embarrassed when my sports bra pinged off a the back when I was out running. It was very annoying as I was quite far from home.

  4. Well done on your one month of veganism! Glad to hear that you are enjoying it!