Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Wasted Saturday?

Good evening readers, are we all enjoying the weekend?
What wonderful weather we have been having this past couple of days and its threatening to say the same or even get better, a late summer maybe?! Well if it is I'll be more than happy with that, are summer sucked! I'll have to be honest and admit I have wasted my first Saturday off in a while being lazy and staying home for most of the day but I had stuff to get done, like washing oh and a new blog post on my new site! You can read it here, I'd love to hear your feelings on today's post : )

My phone died again! So I am bringing you pictures from yesterdays meals............

I got up early to get a gym session in before heading to Hastings you can try it yourself here!
After my 123 circuit I had worked up a hunger that's for sure

My usual millet/quinoa and carob porridge but yesterday I added frozen cherries which tasted amazing and topped with grounded linseeds/dried berries and bees pollen

Hastings bound I got there and trained me first client before popping in to my papas to hang with his partner and eat lunch........

For lunch I had steamed veggies and chickpeas with a little toasted sesame oil as a dressing

This meal was really simple but just so tasty

After lunch I trained my new client! She hasn't exercised for around 10yrs so it was a pretty tough wake up call but she loved it and is booked up till the end of October so can't have been too bad! After another client I had a little time to spare which meant snack time!

I had some carrots, mushrooms and hummus which at the time was delish but I have the feeling raw carrots are not my friend and give m a bloated tummy. I had the same the other day after eating some, I think its because they are obviously raw and very hard to digest which means I shall lightly steam them from now on even if they are for a snack!

I had another short break between clients where I ate a crisp apple and read for 5 minutes.

I didn't get home till late so there was no post, when I got in I had some granola and yogurt topped with some frozen cherries.

Today I had breakfast real early then went into town to meet my friend for an early morning coffee at 8am before going to Bikram at 9. The heat still hasn't been fixed but I got a good spot in front of a heater and sweated my little heart out! Afterward I trained a client then home to chill. I put the date off for now........

Tomorrow I plan to go to the gym first thing before work at the shop then maybe Bikram after. I'm looking forward to my gym session as its so quite on a Sunday morning : )


What ya been doin on this sunny Saturday?

Mine may seem a little wasted but its been A OK for me I've got some stuff done and enjoyed not having to be anywhere, plus I'll be waking up hangover free which is also a good thing : )


  1. Loved the new post over at the other blog! I've been to the green grocers then seeing my mam and dad and catching up with my two best friends playing zumba on the wii having a great time!

  2. your salad looks yummiscle! Ive been out shopping looking for a winter coat =]