Monday, 26 September 2011

Vegan Calling......

Hello, and happy Monday to you!
The last week of September is here and its a busy one for me, it started with a fab gym session this morning:

30 minutes spin, 20 minutes stair mill, 5 minutes row, 5 minutes cross trainer
Abs: single leg lower 30 reps, oblique raises 15 reps each side, knee tucks 30 reps

After my sweat fest I was home to get ready for work at the shop and eat breakfast!
Today's breakfast's only difference was the addition of coconut flour which was delish : )

Another quite day in the shop, I broke the boredom and popped out to infinity where I bought some yummy foods and a new to me product but more on that in a bit.......

I picked up some great lunch ingredients.

Spinach, mushrooms, pepper and olive tofu

I also had a couple of rice cakes with hummus

Followed by chopped apple, yogurt and seeds.

I spent the afternoon reading then around 4ish I felt snacky. I had rice cakes with a smear of dark tahini to fill the gap before home time : )

For dinner I had a new product to try! Some vegan cheese! I don't usually buy vegan cheese because more often then not it contains yeast which is not my friend but this didn't.

The ingredients didn't look too scary so I thought I'd give it a go!

I had steamed broccoli and cabbage with wild rice and lentils in a sundried tomato sauce topped with my vegan cheese

This meal was a delight! The cheese on its own wasn't too hot but on top of my lentil and rice mix it tasted delicious. I also had a small bowl of fruit and yogurt. Yes I know I'm a fruit and yogurt addict!!!!!!

Ok so the readers that have followed my blog for a while you may remember that I am always toying with the idea of veganism and vegetarianism but the last time I tried I felt like I wasn't getting enough protein. Well I have been thinking about it again for a while and have decided to give it another go and if today's food is anything to go by I'll be pretty satisfied! I have written more on this over at Lean Ladies Fitness so pop over and let me know your thoughts : )

Question: If you are or like vegan food, what is your favorite source of vegan protein?

I obviously love tofu and soy yogurt but beans and lentils have always been a top food of mine I just need to get back into using them!


  1. I like beans and lentils. I would have soya milk for breakfast, although I prefer coconut/almond milk, but they are very low on the protein front. I like tofu sometimes, but you also get protein from traditional carb sources like bread, pasta, rice etc- and the idea is to combine a legume with a grain to get a "complete" protein chain.

  2. I've just left you a bit of a rambling comment on lean ladie - as you know I think veganism is great, you just have to be extra careful to make sure your getting everything you need. I wouldn't worry about getting 'complete' proteins in one meal as Maria says as research as shown that the body will sort all that out by itself! Looking forward to seeing how you get on :-)

  3. I'm a huge tofu fan & I also get a lot of my protein from beans and brown rice pasta. My favourite proteiney snack is the new Pulsin' Raw Choc Brownie bar, they have almonds and raisins in them alongside brown rice powder & they're delicious! I think I got them in Infinity foods.