Thursday, 29 September 2011

Veg and Fruit Box Ordered!

Hey all hope you've had a good Thursday and are looking forward to the weekend?!
I definitely am especially Saturday when I will be attending the posture clinic at my yoga school! I'm looking forward to learning the exact right way to get into and hold postures its going to be so useful to my practice : )

Today I got up early and got to the 7am Bikram class. I was so glad to be back in the hot room but boy did I feel it! Not going since Saturday really left me out of sync. It was great to start my day with the heat though and boy was it hot the heater is working again and it was steaming!

I took breakfast, overnight oats, with me and this looks pretty rank but it honestly tasted good!

In the mix: 1/2 cup GF oats, 1/2 scoop vanilla sun warrior protein powder, 1tsp chococru, 1/2tsp almond essence, chia seeds and enough rice milk to moisten the mix. I also topped the mix with frozen cherries and blueberries last night and left in the fridge. This morning before leaving for yoga I topped with some soy yogurt.

This was a welcomed breakfast after my Bikram class I was starving!

For lunch I had a mix of wild and brown rice, lentils, spinach and mushrooms, I also had a couple of apples a little later.

When I got home I was in need of a quick dinner plus as I have a veg box coming tomorrow, more on that next, I didn't want to buy anymore so used up what I had. Broccoli and a few mushrooms! I mixed some soy mince with a tsp of Bouillon (GF, YF, DF, WF) and covered with enough water to cook it. Steamed some broccoli then after draining the mince I mixed it all together to make a quick easy meal. This actually reminded me of a pot noodle! Mine obviously tasted way better and was a lot more healthy!

I had the same pud as yesterday plus the addition of some dark chocolate : )

So yes I have ordered a veg box!!!!!!!!!!
I've actually ordered a small veg and fruit box and really am quite excited to see what I get. The veg box has 8/9 veggies this will included potatoes, onions and carrots then the others will be a surprise. The fruit box will contain apples and bananas then another 3 that will also be a surprise. I will be getting both boxes for a combined price of £14.50 which I thought was pretty good? I have decided if I like the box than I will sign up for a weekly delivery. I have tried some of their produce as they supply Infinity Foods in Brighton and Trinity Wholefoods in Hastings, it has always been very tasty : )

I have a busy day tomorrow, gym, client, Bikram, Hastings to train clients!

I will try to get a post in but no promises! But do keep an eye on my blogs this weekend as I shall be having a little giveaway on Lean Ladies Fitness to welcome readers to my new little space on the world wide web!


What do you do with all the potatoes!?

So as you know i am really looking forward to my veg box coming but as a standard veg they always put potatoes, onions and carrots into the box. Onions and carrots I have no probs with but potatoes hmmmmm I never really eat potatoes well not often anyway. Those of you that get veggie boxes are potatoes a standard veg and if so what do ya do with them? Do you find your eating more potatoes now?


  1. Yey for the veg box! I love mine, I do get the one without potatoes as we would just never use them up, can they not swap them out for something else for you? Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Oooh bikram yoga - I really want to try that :)

    Potatoes, erm. I don't eat many of them. Perhaps a veggie soup? Not really the weather for it at the moment! x

  3. Well done on ordering a veg box - I used to get one, before we grew our own stuff...

    We've currently got heaps of potatoes, and are using them very sparingly in regular dishes, bit by bit, as well as giving them away to friends and family!