Monday, 12 September 2011

Too Much Too Soon

Hi you guys!
Wow its Monday already, the weekend flew by! I was without internet for the weekend which is why I have not been around. I had plenty of time to post but the internet at my sisters wouldn't work so no posts : ( I've had a lovely weekend though, very lazy but its been good. Friday was amazing Example were fab and me and Tara had a crazy drunken night! I was feeling it Saturday at work that's for sure and when 4pm came round I was allowed to go home early to miss some of the weekend traffic to Hastings which was a bonus! I got to my sisters hung over still with one thing on my mind chips!

I bought some oven chips and indulged in some much needed hangover food : )

My friends Wayne and Chloe popped round before they went out to town, I was supposed to go but felt way to hung over to even contemplate leaving the house!

Awwwwww this little cutey knows how to live!


I went to bed pretty late again on Saturday and when I woke up I still felt hungover! So can't handle the booze these days......I had a big bowl of fruit salad topped with soy yogurt nuts and cinnamon to make me feel human!

I planned to go for a run but the sofa got the better of me and I couldn't resist hanging out with...........

Come on show ya face.........

The cutest kitty's ever!

hanging out under the blanket is a particular favorite for them!


For lunch I had an M&S couscous salad and spinach

I love this roasted veg salad so yummy!

Me and the kitty's watched movies and slobbed for the day : )

I stayed at Jes's till early this morning when I braved the weather and made my way back to Brighton. I had to work in the shop today. My mama and sisters popped in to Brighton for a coffee on their way to Hastings which was lovely, I get to spend more time with them on
Friday : )

After work I had a sports massage which ended up with some bad news. Looks like I've gone at the running TOO MUCH TOO SOON! In my head I can run for miles all the time but having not run lots for a long time I need to ease myself in which I didn't and have caused some pretty nasty shin splints.......JOY! So no running for at least 3 weeks, I need new trainers too and I need to join a gym to start using the cross trainer! But I can go to Bikram which will hopefully help my shins heal quicker so I'm not gonna get upset I'm gonna play by the rules so i can get fit for these 1/2 marathons at the beginning of next year!

I got home after my painful massage and made an easy dinner of soy mince, vegan pesto and steamed greens, delicious. I also ate some soy yogurt with coconut flour and seeds.

Ok your all filled in with the weekends events, which have been pretty uneventful! I have tomorrow off, I'm planning to go to Bikram at 7am and can't wait no exercise since Friday makes me feel pretty groggy. I also have lots of bits to get on with tomorrow, I'm hoping to have a productive day off : )


Do you ever do too much too soon?

I can't help it I like to push myself too far sometimes!


  1. When I got back from holiday my first run was too far- I was back up to 10 miles before I left, and I went out and did 5.5, but I was so stiff for days after, so I really should have eased in more gently! We have to learn these lessons ourselves though.

  2. Ahhh I resorted to chips this week for my hangover hehe

  3. I think its just human to do too much too soon, especially when you don't get any signs that anythings wrong, look at what's happened to me! I've definitely learned my lesson though :-) Hope you have a great week!

  4. I think everyone tried to do too much at some point. When I was injured I kept on working out, when really I should have been resting. It's a lesson that we all learn at some point.

  5. I think people in general are prone to too much too soon. I had to scale my running down a bit after my mini break (aka travelling).. It was quite ok though.

    Awww I love chips! I wish I didn't. hehe.

  6. So sorry to hear about your shin splints! I hope that you are able to rest up and that they heal soon!

    I have a recurring IT band injury which keeps popping up when I run too far or push myself to go too fast... ouch :(