Friday, 9 September 2011

Time To Spare

Hey you guys!
I actually do have time to say HELLO tonight : )
My friend got the times wrong for tonight so I have some free time before having to get ready. Plus I have no idea what to wear so I'll blog instead!

I got up at 5.45am to get a workout in before my first client! I know a little crazy but I thought I had no time tonight if only I had known! I did a 5 stage 6kg med ball workout which took about 50/60 minutes it was a total sweat fest and a great way to start the day.

7.30am I was in the park training a client then I rushed back home to have breakfast before going to work in the shop........

I had the same smoothie as yesterday, Chocolate, Cherry and Vanilla

Lunch was the last of my hazelnut tofu with spinach, pepper and mushrooms topped with a hummus dressing

Followed by fruit and yogurt

Back home I made a very simple dinner............

Steamed veggies drizzled with toasted sesame oil topped with a microwaved egg burger! I mixed 3 eggs with a tsp of stock tasty even if it sounds weird!

Bad photo alert! Pudding was an apple some frozen cherries, soy yogurt, coconut flour and cinnamon

Right I better get my ass in gear and get ready, have a fab Friday night : )


What ya doin tonight?

Yay so can't wait for Example!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yummy looking eats! Hope you had a great night :-)