Sunday, 18 September 2011

Pho Second Time Round

How did Sunday come round so fast!?
Over half way through September peeps, madness I tell you madness!

My day has been pretty good, I had to train a client before work at the shop which wasn't till 9.45am so plenty of time to have breakfast before heading out.........

I had my quinoa/millet and carob concoction topped with yogurt and a little peanut butter, which might I add was a fabulous combo : )

The frozen blueberries really work well in there too!

After breakfast and training my client I went to work in the shop for the day. My last working day with my work colleague Leila which is pretty sad but she's off to live in Malta which is pretty exciting for her!

I took in the ginger biscuits from Knead to try..........

These were really tasty!
The ginger is quite powerful in flavor but as I am a ginger lover it was all good, I much preferred these to the chocolate chip ones : )

I also ate an apple, mid day munchies!

For lunch I ate tuna with steamed veggies in a tomato pesto sauce, there were also some undocumented rice cakes eaten : )

After work me and Leila decided went for a meal to celebrate her leaving, but first we.............

Went for a cider! Strawberry and lime cider to be precise, so good!

Then we went for dinner at Pho again, after the last time being so good!

I had the summer rolls to start

Rice paper rolls filled with raw veggies and rice noodles with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

My main was a the same as last time, cold noodles and salad/herbs topped with tofu, mushrooms and fried herbs and a ginger/soy dressing.
So good, fresh and real yummy!

I really like the food its just so tasty, I must try something different next time though.

I have a very busy week ahead but whats new right?!
Hopefully I'll be getting some time to post a bit more this week, fingers crossed. I hope you've had a fab weekend x x x


When you find a restaurant you like do you stick to the same meals?

I find it hard to try something new when I know there is something I can order and really enjoy it. I have in the past and its ended in disappointment but I guess if you don't try you'll never know!


  1. I love Pho - those summer rolls look amazing! I tend to go for the same thing in restaurants as I know I'll like it but always feel a bit bad about not being more adventurous. x

  2. I only live half an hour from Brighton and went there yesterday for the first time. Despite all the amazing food places around I played it 'safe' and went to Wagamamas where I always have the Ginger Chicken Udon. It's so so good!

    I'm coming back to Brighton soon, and I definitely want to try this Vietnamese resturant. And some frozen yogurt!

  3. What a lovely resturant Pho looks amazing
    Lynn xx

  4. I have yet to find a restaurant I like! That pho does look amazing though.

    I have to try that quinoa combination for breakfast sometime!


  5. I'm rubbish about sticking to what I know, I'm always worried incase something else disappoints lol. Love koppaberg - it's like squash! yum.

  6. I love that cider! I tend to go with what I know works most of the time, if it ain't broke don't fix it!

  7. I love to try different things on the restaurant menu. Othgerwise I would get bored of my favourite dishes. Pho sounds great!

  8. Oooh Pho looks gorgeous! I love oriental food, there isn't much choice here sadly..