Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Food Variation

Hello! Happy Hump Day?
I'm feeling tired and kinda blurrrrrrrr but its probably because I haven't been to Bikram since Saturday! One thing or another has prevented me and I'm feeling pretty poop to be honest I actually can't wait till tomorrow to get into the hot room! Anyway let me tell you about some yummy eats that have passed my lips today and yesterday..........

I woke up and went to the gym before breakfast I did a 40 minutes of circuit training followed by 30 minutes on the stair mill and 5 minutes of abs

Look what I had!!!!

Its been ages since I had a green/brown smoothie, jeez I enjoyed this!

Vanilla, chocolate, cherry and almond bowl of deliciousness!
I actually had this today as well, it was just so good!

Yesterday after breakfast I got my stuff together then hit the road to Hastings

Yesterdays lunch was left over wild/brown rice with olive tofu, mushrooms and peppers mixed with a sun dried tomato paste

It was a delicious mix and a perfect filling meal. I also had some soy yogurt mixed with cinnmaon

Today's lunch was quite similar but I had quinoa as the grain and some of my veggie cheese instead of tofu.

Last night my client had to rearrange their session to a little later which gave me time to grab something quick for dinner and make it at my sisters. I saw these bombay pot and thought they were worth a go! Plus they where fine for my vegan quest, all good!

There wasn't much potato in the pack but what there was tasted very nice, I would definitely eat this a gain for a dinner on the go : )

Tonight's dinner was fab I steamed some carrots, cabbage and lentils then mixed with the last of my olive tofu and mixed in a little green olive tapenade

The flavors really went well together for this meal : )

Today's pud was apple chopped and topped with soy yogurt and coconut flour mixed with cinnamon, YUM!

I know I'm only 3 days in to my vegan quest but I'm loving it! I'm eating new things which is great, its about time I bought some more variation into my diet!

I think I'm going to start getting a veg box from next month too, this will also get some more variation in my diet. I tend to go for the same things where veg is concerned so it will be nice to have some provided that I wouldn't normally choose.


Do you get a veg box?

I am excited to sign up!

P.S Check out my TRX workout over at Lean Ladies Fitness!


  1. I keep looking at veg boxes, but they always seem quite expensive, so I have not got around to it. Plus we do online shopping and the order minimum is £40- we would not spend that much once we took out all the fruit and veg.

  2. Glad your enjoying all the lovely vegan food :-) I get a veg box twice a month and love it, I can't wait to get mine tomorrow, I've even added a squash box as an extra!

  3. My veg box got delivered yesterday. I hope you love what is in yours! :)