Thursday, 22 September 2011

New Blog!

Jeez hello from a frazzle brained blogger!
I had the day off today but my brain has been on overload because I have started a new blog!

Lean Ladies Fitness

I have decided to start a second blog to really help promote my PT business and more to go into more detail about workouts/fitness/diet. I love this blog but its more of an online diary about life the ups and downs and FOOD! I wont be putting all my meals on my second blog, there will be the odd recipe but it will be more on the diet side of food. Don't worry I wont be neglecting Salad and Sequins and Lean Ladies Fitness is a work in progress so please bare with me while I get it up to scratch! I hope you come over that way and say hello, plus there will be a giveaway in the next couple of weeks to get things going over that way : )

Anyway that's what I doing morning and afternoon but plenty more has happened too........

I got up and out of the house early to get to the gym for 6.30am to have an amazing workout which included weights and cardio

When I got back and freshened up it was breakfast time, today's was slightly different! I topped it with grounded linseeds/dried berries and seeds : )

I got started on blog number 2 but needed something.........

I actually made a pot of real coffee today, I felt the need for something a little stronger!

After breakfast had settled and my brain was feeling a little done in from trying to get to grips with word press I decided to go to the 11.30am Bikram class.

The heat wasn't working!!!! It was ok though as they had put in some hot air blowing little heaters which I managed to get right in front of so I was sweating like a beast anyway!

After class I popped into the shop to pick up my shoes and sit for 5 minutes, I ate a coco loco nakd bar to curb my hunger as it was 1pm and I still had some stuff to do in town

When I finally got home just before 3pm I looked into my veg bowl and couldn't wait to eat!
Some people might look at these veggies and think "what on earth?!" but I know you guys feel the love for weird and wonderful foods!

For lunch I had steamed carrot and broccoli and raw pepper in a vegan pepper pesto topped with hazelnut tofu

Every mouthful was a delight!

Afters was a chopped apple and banana topped with yogurt, cinnamon and seeds

For the rest of the afternoon I was sorting blog no.2

Before I knew it dinner time had come around and I had definitely worked up a hunger!

I had rice noodles, steamed celeriac, cauliflower and sardines mixed with a curry sauce. Wow this was very filling and very tasty.

Ok that's me done, I am now chilling watching the X Factor USA! Yes its true I am and I'm loving it! I have also just had a bowl of stewed apples sweetened with dates and topped with a little yogurt and watered down coconut flour which was unbelievably good!


What do you think of my new blog?

Lean Ladies Fitness

Be kind : )


  1. I am SO excited for your business! I also really love the name too. Good luck! Can't wait to see it grow!

    I watched 5 min of X Factor USA yesterday (that 13yo kid.. crazy confidence!!!) but Simon annoyed the hell out of me (for some reason his hair really bothers me) and I thought Cheryl looked kind of lost. No wonder she got the boot. But I love X Factor that is on right now.. Love the new jury! :) I had to finish packing though so I couldn't see the rest of XFUSA... Next week! :)

  2. Yey for the new blog! I'm following it now too :-) Your lunch looks so tasty, gotta love those veggies :-)